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  1. Colsan1

    Rescued wildy, seems to going backwards.

    We rescued a Tom cat that had been living under a local farmhouse a couple of weeks ago. We know it's been caught before, neutered and released, and that it's been under the house for about a year. Had him checked and scanned for microchip. He's healthy and the vet thinks about 18 months to 2...
  2. Colsan1

    New feral, what now

    We received a new feral cat a few days ago. He had been living under a farmhouse for quite a while. We have him in a large dog crate and he seems comfortable. On day 2 I was able to stroke him and while he doesn't seem to mind me stroking his head, ears, paws, he still seems to be frightened and...
  3. Colsan1

    Goodnight Eric, my little lion man