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  1. Felixkitten

    Is this a worm ?

    I found this worm looking like thing in my kitten's litter box. My kitten is 3 months old and doesn't show any symptoms of illness at all. Is it a worm ??
  2. Felixkitten

    What should I feed my 7-8 weeks kitten?

    When i first adopted my kitten the veterinary told me I should mix some of cat's milk with dry food but since i ran out of the cat milk which is expensive and consumed swiftly my kitten stopped eating the dry food. Only she is able to do so when i insist or put it in his mouth. I tried mixing it...
  3. Felixkitten

    Cute kitten: breed, long or short hair?

    he has long-length black hair along his back but medium-length hair stripes on the sides and limbs. Black or dark paws He is 8 weeks