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  1. lilycat.

    Garage cat

    So basically, I put my kitten in the garage at night time. She’s in there at night but is in the house during the day. I’d say she’s there for 10 hours minimum, but it could be up to 12 hours. Sometimes we put her in there in the day for about 30 mins at most because my father hates her and...
  2. lilycat.

    Mouth Open

    Hello! I found a kitten in my backyard, we took her to the vet and they believe she is around 4 months old. She’s only had her first round of shots and is dewormed. She hasn’t had her rabies, distemper, etc. vaccinations. She’ll be getting those in a week. I’ve noticed sometimes, she looks at me...
  3. lilycat.


    So basically, my friend found a little kitten that’s 4 months old at their grandmas house and i took her in. She unfortunately came back positive for roundworms. I read online that humans can also get roundworms. She was dewormed using a cream i had to apply to her neck about a week ago. I’m...
  4. lilycat.

    Stray Kitten

    So recently, a friend of mine found a stray kitten in their backyard. I took her and she is the sweetest little kitten i’ve ever met. I’m thinking she’s around 3 months. She is very playful and bites and scratches me a lot. Is this ok? She hasn’t gone to the vet yet but will go in a week. She...
  5. lilycat.

    Maniac Kitten

    So i recently found a kitten in my backyard. She is very loving and cuddly. I’m assuming she’s around 3 months old. She stays in the garage at night because we are letting her get used to the place. In the morning she goes into the living room and goes absolutely crazy. She jumps everywhere...