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  1. weebeasties

    Possible solution to cats waking you up for food

    I have read so many threads about cats waking up their humans for food. I've seen countless comics about "kitty alarm clocks". I just wanted to put this out there as a suggestion. We currently have 7 cats and they don't wake us up for food and none of our previous ones over the past 30 years...
  2. weebeasties

    Vetmedin shortage

    Spike is on Vetmedin for her DCM. I stopped by the vet to pick up her refill, and they were out. They said there is a shortage of the medication. (Really annoyed that they didn't tell me this when I phoned in the refill request 4 days prior) I frantically began checking with online companies and...
  3. weebeasties

    Cats only meow to humans?

    I have read it dozens of times, Cats only meow to humans. My cats are apparently unaware of this, because they meow to each other often. Am I the only one? Do your cats meow to each other?
  4. weebeasties

    Long Trip To Vet. Is It Worth It?

    My old vet retired and I have been seeing other vets that work at the same practice. I haven't been very happy with them though. There is a cat only vet that I would like to try, but it would be almost an hour and a half drive one way. Is that too far? Most of our cats are miserable on car...
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    Study Finds (gasp) Cats Like Their Owners

    Heard a story on the radio about a new cat study. Everyone seemed so surprised by the results. Cats can form attachments to humans! :rolleyes3: Did they really need to conduct a study to figure that out? Even the reporter seemed shocked. Have these people ever met a cat before? It was as if they...
  6. weebeasties

    When Do You Consider A Kitten To Be A Cat?

    I have read many times that a kitten becomes a cat at about 1 year of age. I still think of Sam as a kitten and he's 3 years old. Try as I might, I just can't think of him as a "grown up" yet. He still acts like a kitten and doesn't seem to have everything figured out like our older cats do...
  7. weebeasties

    So, Listen To What Verizon Did.

    I went to a Verizon store and changed my phone from a prepay account to post pay. Simple right? Nope. Went online to check my bill and there was a second line added to my account with an $800 phone! What? So I go back to Verizon store and explain this is not my phone. I only have one line, one...
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    So...this Was Weird

    A little over a month ago I bought a new laptop. It has Windows 10 with Cortana. I have Cortana turned on, but have yet to use it. Anyway, I do a lot of my schoolwork on my laptop with the tv on, and recently I have been binge watching The Office. Yesterday when I began typing my school address...
  9. weebeasties

    Can "finicky-ness" Be A Learned Behavior?

    Once upon a time we had six cats who were not finicky and pretty much ate whatever wet food they were given. We would alternate brands/flavors so they had some variety and they ate fine like this for many years. Then Buddy came along. He is a Very Picky Kitty! He has been this way since he was a...
  10. weebeasties

    Cerenia For Pancreas Inflammation?

    Short(ish) version - my cats' labwork showed problems with his pancreas numbers. The vet wants to put him on Cerenia tablets. After googling, I see that the tablets are only recommended for dogs. Also, Cerenia's main use is for nausea, which my cat doesn't have. According to the vet, the Cerenia...
  11. weebeasties

    Any Difference Between Human/cat Taurine Supplements?

    I can order taurine for cats online, but it will be a couple of days before it gets here. GNC sells human taurine supplements that I could pick up today. Does anyone know if it is the same? I forgot to ask the vet this and now they are closed for the weekend. I want to start my heart patient...
  12. weebeasties

    Anyone Have Experience With Dcm?

    Spike has been diagnosed with DCM. She is also in the early stages of CHF. She has an appointment with a cardiologist in 2 weeks. Until then she has been put on Furosemide (lasex) and Vetmedin. Her appetite has dropped the past two days, to where she is only eating about 3oz. a day. I have...
  13. weebeasties

    Anyone Have Experience With Someone Suffering With Dementia?

    My father has dementia. I live far away and can't visit right now. He is completely deaf as well, so I can't call him. I wanted to write him a letter and send some pictures, but I have a problem. Sometimes his mind is ok, sometimes he's confused, doesn't recognize my mom, doesn't know who's...
  14. weebeasties

    Delivery Of Dented Cans

    I just received a case of food from Amazon. The case was ripped open and three of the cans are dented. I won't feed the cats the dented cans and was going to throw them out. I was just wondering if it would be worth the trouble to contact Amazon? I've never returned an item to them before, but...
  15. weebeasties

    Circumstances For Autopsy?

    My brother-in-law recently passed away. His girlfriend had been unable to reach him by phone, so broke into his house and found his body. He was 51. They are not doing an autopsy. I thought they always did one to determine the cause of death. Is that incorrect? I don't think there was foul...
  16. weebeasties

    Anyone Have Healthy Paws Insurance?

    I got Buddy on Healthy Paws Insurance when he was a kitten (8weeks). He just turned a year old and I received a notice that his insurance will be going up from $25 a month to $30. I was expecting it to go up as he aged, but not after just one year. He is neutered, indoor only, had all his...
  17. weebeasties

    Is Tractor Supply Clumping Litter Dusty?

    I recently went back to school so I'm trying to watch my budget. Our cats use Tidy Cat clumping but I was hoping to mix it with a less expensive litter. I tried the Petsmart brand, but the dust was horrible! Anyone tried Tractor Supply's brand? Is it super dusty?
  18. weebeasties

    Kitten Act - Please Help

    Some lawmakers in the US have introduced the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now - or KITTEN - Act this month. For years the USDA has been breeding kittens and forcing them to eat tainted meat in order to perform testing on them. The kittens are then euthanized by three months of age. A few...
  19. weebeasties

    Crickets In Cat Food?

    I heard a story recently that Purina is trying out some novel proteins in dog food. The two I remember are asian carp and crickets...yep, crickets. After I got over the initial ewww factor, I thought it may not be such a bad idea really. I have often joked about the fact that there are no...
  20. weebeasties

    Inappropriate Peeing Or Spraying?

    I hope you can help me in some detective work. 15 (ish) year old neutered male has either peed or sprayed outside of the litterbox twice (that I know of) in the past two days. Not sure if it is pee or spray because I haven't actually seen him do it and he's a "high pee'er" anyway. He has been...