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  1. lyrajean

    Treat Puzzle Toys For Smart Kitty!

    Seeking recommendations for a more challenging treat puzzle toy for Aya my 9 yr old calico. We recently changed treat brands which allowed me to utilize the puzzle toys. They are great for channeling some of her energy after dinner when she is frisky and I am less so. We also do wand play...
  2. lyrajean

    Cozy Kitty Bed Rehabillitation

    I think I have passed over into complete Crazy Cat-Ladyness. Spend $30 on supersoft baby bedding from work to recover the basket Aya has had since kittenhood.
  3. lyrajean

    New Kitty Basket

    It's always a toss up when you bring something home for the furkids if they are going to like it or not, it seems... I've been looking for a new basket for Aya's window perch for a while now. The old one had gotten wet one too many times. I finally found one today. I think this is kitty approval?
  4. lyrajean

    Aya Under Cover

    Well, the little Wonder Whizzer did it again on my bed this time and i had to change everything. I had to change the duvet to a new one. Boy, was I glad I had one on hand. I was, however, very surprized to turn around and see this: I didn't know full/queen size came in Calico... (Don't...
  5. lyrajean

    Discontinued my cat's treats? Good replacements?

    So, a while back Petsmart discontinued the Authority brand cat treats. Aya loves these little tuna flavored fishies. I managed to snag a few online but we're halfway thru these and she will miss them when they are gone. She likes tuna flavor everything. She is sensitive to the red dye found in...
  6. lyrajean

    Arrrgh! Aya got stuck up a tree in a rainstorm yesterday -okay now but man!....

    So yesterday I came home from dog sitting to greet Aya. Then within a half-hour she got herself 15 feet up a box elder tree hanging over an old concrete foundation. She was stuck up there for 2 hours thru a rainstorm before she finally figured out how to get down. Kitties... I got wet too...
  7. lyrajean

    Experience living with cats and family with alzheimers disease

    Not sure quite where to put this post, but here goes: After failing to find other living arrangements cross country Aya and I have returned home to live with parents and my other brother who is disabled. My mother was recently diagnosed with alzheimers disease. Most of teh time she forgets...
  8. lyrajean

    Any truly Cat Friendly Hotels?

    Things are at a crisis point in my household. I live with my aging parents and a disabled brother who also has cancer. My mom's memory has been failing and last week it came to a head when she forgot who my father was. Neither of them are coping well and reistant to accepting help. I need to get...
  9. lyrajean

    Peek-a-boo Dangling Aya Kitty

    Aya was being impossibly cute yesterday. It was like "Psst, Mom, get my camera. If I get up she'll follow me..."
  10. lyrajean

    Aya's New Toy (Hint -"Peep!)

    Was over at Petsmart and saw these dog toys on clearance. Thinking of my favorite bunny hunter I brought one home. Had to perform a "squeaker-ectomy" as it scared her and replaced it with a therapeutic dose of catnip. I think she likes it. First thing she does is give him a firm bite on the...
  11. lyrajean

    Bed Time antics

    It's been a while since I posted any new pics of Aya on the Forum. You will be relieved to know she's still up to her usual games; my house is just too dark to get good pics of a fast moving object (Aya). Making the bed (or not): Closeup of the fur: I'm just gonna lick my bum on top of...
  12. lyrajean

    Happy B-day, Aya!

    I can't believe the little kitten I found in Okinawa is six years old! Five years and 11 months ago my taxi nearly ran her over. I picked her up and took her home not knowing if this sick little kitten would make it or if I'd be able to keep her (my apartment didn't allow cats). Recent pic:
  13. lyrajean

    Bad Kitty! -Mom Scratched

    So we've been trying to curtail aya's wandering a bit after her 2 day disappearance. So one of us goes out and checks on her every hour or so... anyways it was approaching 4pm about the time we would like her in but she would like to hunt and no kitty to be found. Mom went out after her...
  14. lyrajean

    OMG Catnip's ready!

    Guess who discovered what.... it's only been growing in the pot all summer. Yes, I inhaled.... I really should've taken a video of this all the pics are in chronological order. We got a little crazy....
  15. lyrajean

    Aya is missing

    Haven't seen my cat since I went to work. Mom last saw her in the early morning when she let her out I suppose. While we were looking at 3pm a neighbor said he saw her near his place. Spent hours, been all over calling her. This is not like her. she usually responds to calls eventually. and...
  16. lyrajean

    Do they understand what causes the bobtail cat in Japan?

    I lived in Okinawa Japan for 4 years where there are a heartbreaking number of strays. Overtime I noticed all sorts of variants on the "mutant tail" thing. True bobtails like the breed, halftails, fiddlehead tails, kinked tails, tails with a knot or bob in the middle... It's quite endemic over...
  17. lyrajean

    Any genetic correlation between color and personality?

    Having been owned by 2 torbies and currently one calico, I am wondering if there are any indications of genetic truth to people ascribing certain personality characteristics to cats based on color? I have even described my cat to veterinary techs who don't know her and then been asked if she's a...
  18. lyrajean

    Making difficult decision with Midori today

    I am taking Midori in for what most likely will be the final appt. today with the doctor after a long decline. To make a long story short: we'd been trying unsuccessfully to medicate her for hyper thyroid for the last year and a half. Finally switched from transdermal in the ear which she...
  19. lyrajean

    Going to cat show for first time

    Tomorrow me and my Mom are going to the local CFA show. Just to check it out. We're not bringing any furkids. Midori our older cat is not doing well and as much as I would luv to show Aya off she does not have the temperament for it. -Just returned from another nerve-wracking vet visit. She...
  20. lyrajean

    Film crew lets 100 cats loose in Ikea after hours

    Exactly what the title says. I have mixed thoughts. On the one hand I'm like "weird, cool..." On the other I know my own felines and know how much they don't appreciate change.