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  1. CatLover49

    Stepped on 7-week-old kitten

    Yes hows the little baby
  2. CatLover49

    New kitten sick

    Thats what im thinking upper respiratory infection
  3. CatLover49

    Mimi taken today

    Gorgeous kitty:petcat:
  4. CatLover49

    Remembering Krista

    😥I know will be reunited Its just not having him here now that hurts so bad It was me and him for yrs and now hes gone 💔
  5. CatLover49

    Remembering Krista

    I know exactly how you Snowball had to be euthanized on July 8th/2020 I miss him so bad...I cant go through his pictures yet either I hear it takes time to heal But I did recently take down his ashes and his keepsake bag And sat down in the extreme quite and talked to him...held his...
  6. CatLover49

    Remembering Krista

    I still cant go through Snowball pics But Im going to do it as soon as I feel comfortable I want to make a special picture book With some events that happened with some of them :)
  7. CatLover49

    Ativan for semi-feral?

    Exactly And Ativan can also just make the cat just lay around and sleep I know cats do But I mean all drugged up Wasting the precious cat's life away
  8. CatLover49

    What is my beautiful baby

    Your beautiful baby is precious That's what your baby is:):catlove:
  9. CatLover49

    Last Two Letter Game Part 4

  10. CatLover49

    The Rhyme It Or Bookend It IV

  11. CatLover49

    Ativan for semi-feral?

    Yes my exact thoughts I wouldn't take ativan myself Much less give it to a cat It can be very addictive Somethings are in my opinion isnt ok to give a cat Far as prescriptions like these Vets aren't always right Sometimes you have to use your own judgment Plus get second opinion or 3rd
  12. CatLover49

    Cat has red ears and excessive earwax

    Vet visit definitely
  13. CatLover49

    Therapists/grief counseling for dealing with cat loss?

    So very true for me also Feel the very same
  14. CatLover49

    Question of the Day - Monday, September 14, 2020

    BLT of course but no mayo Grilled Cheese
  15. CatLover49

    Big eater but thin.

    I definitely dont think she's just a small thin cat You should not be able to feel the bones that well..enough to have noticed it
  16. CatLover49

    Big eater but thin.

    Exactly my baby Snowball has a mass on his lungs It all happened so sudden
  17. CatLover49

    Big eater but thin.

    Also xrays to see whats inside
  18. CatLover49

    Big eater but thin.

    Please get her to vet asap My Snowball was doing same thing And he crossed the 🌈 Bridge July 8th /2020 1 week before his 12th birthday The vet did xray looking for pancreatitis And found he had mass on his lungs Which that is why I initially took him to vet He started off loosing weight Could...
  19. CatLover49

    Therapists/grief counseling for dealing with cat loss?

    I know exactly how you feel I lost my baby Snowball this past July 8th/2020 I had him almost 12yrs since he was a kitten..just had come off his mama He crossed the Rainbow Bridge just 1 week before his 12th birthday Its been little over 2 months..and its very sad time for me still I still cry...
  20. CatLover49

    Remembering Krista

    I understand what you're doing You cant cry enough to release any hurt So you look at Krista's pictures make yourself hurt so you can cry Im just the opposite im crying so much I cant look a Snowball's pictures I guess we are all in this together