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  1. Tagrendy

    Depression in a 5 yo prior outdoor cat now only inside?

    Feed him by hand, touch him, pet him, bring a feathery toy and get him to play, 2 months is way too long to wait for the cat to initiate interaction, maybe he needs a nudge.
  2. Tagrendy

    Struggling With Play Time

    Cats' hunting process is mostly watching, getting the angles right, waiting for the perfect moment. The toy needs to tremble, go hide, slowly come out of hiding place as a pray would. Usually that's when my cat bothers to launch, and then the toy will try to escape by flying or "running" on the...
  3. Tagrendy

    Cat has a sore on his bottom lip

    Yes, a vet should have a look, maybe it's tooth related, in which case sooner it's treated the better to avoid losing the tooth.
  4. Tagrendy

    I stepped on my cat :(

    I stepped on my cat's feet a couple of times in the beginning, until I learned to walk like a zombie, it's the default walk at home now 😃 Every time I thought for sure must have broken a paw or finger, but no - was fine. However if you stepped in the belly maybe guts got out of order. Sometimes...
  5. Tagrendy

    Flea meds neurological side effects?

    It might be the fleas are are effected by the medicine - biting more aggressively in panic. Once the cat is flea-free and the behavior continues, then I would take him to vet.
  6. Tagrendy

    Are my cats haunted?

    Maybe cats can have schizophrenia too? 🤔
  7. Tagrendy

    Which vaccine to choose

    It's 11th day of the vaccination, yesterday I noticed the cat is sleeping way too much & is off. Later I remembered that some people reported "delayed vaccine reaction" with this vaccine and that on 8th day is when the cat starts to be lethargic & have high temperature. I went to check the cat's...
  8. Tagrendy

    Are my cats haunted?

    If it's happening mostly at night, there might be light coming from the outside, such as car headlights, that would freak them out. It would help putting cameras up to see what's happening/what they are seeing while you are asleep. Peeing also is a sign that they are territorially insecure...
  9. Tagrendy

    7 year old Bombay female has problems with excessive grooming

    I think he's self-soothing, both grooming and tail biting are known as stress related behaviors. It could explain why new animals brought to home would escalate the behavior. While I would keep trying to change his diet & environment in case of it being allergy, I would also try extensive play...
  10. Tagrendy

    Advice on dying cat

    I'm so sorry, but cat purring is not necessarily a sign of being ok, cats purr when in pain as well in order to heal themselves.
  11. Tagrendy

    Introducing new kitten to my cat

    I would swap rooms, they all need to own the whole place, the moment when they start claiming separate section as their territory only is when they'll start guarding it. I would also feed them at the same time putting the bowls so far apart that their attention would be on the bowl and not on...
  12. Tagrendy

    Kitten seems odd

    Does she respond to sound? Sometimes deaf cats don't track a toy / pray.
  13. Tagrendy

    Worried sick about my 3 year old cat

    Keep him inside only for now, it will help you see his poop, if poop is loose or not deep brown, it's likely to be stomach issue. With outdoor cat it's hard to know what could be wrong since the environment is not controlled - he could have eaten an object from the ground, or some toxic...
  14. Tagrendy

    Sneezing after vaccinations?

    During vaccination immune system goes down, so if he had any slight allergy before, the symptoms might get worse while the immune system is not back up yet to the full.
  15. Tagrendy

    i miscalculated and my cat is now in heat. what can i do?

    Cats should not be spayed in the middle of the heat anyway, so I'm afraid the only thing to do now is to wait it out. In a way, it's good that she is in heat now, by the time you are done with vaccines it most likely will align with her being out of heat and ready to be neutered. I think the...
  16. Tagrendy

    How often should my cat be taken to the vet?

    Differs from vet to vet, I've had a vet tell me that most viruses transmit through 3rd party ( which I honestly don't know if that's true ). Like say if I went outside, petted an infected cat, came home then I could be transmitting the virus through my clothes to the cat. Same works with insects...
  17. Tagrendy

    How often should my cat be taken to the vet?

    In this case he does need to go to vet, to first check if he has earmites ( sounds like it ) and also to vaccinate. Other than that a general checkup would be good too. After this you just need to monitor the cat, once you start living with the cat for a while you'll get a sense of his normal...
  18. Tagrendy

    Dental help

    Hi, if she's enjoying food and doesn't seem to be in pain, and gets super stressed from vet visit, I would try solutions at home and monitor the inflammation area for now. Regarding brushing cat teeth, this is a very slow process to get the cat used to it. It took me 2.5 weeks. The first couple...
  19. Tagrendy

    Cat ear

    If it was earmites there should be dark brownish substance in the ear, probably both ears. But to me it looks more like some sort of fungal, I wouldn't touch it with bear hands until it's tested.
  20. Tagrendy

    How to deal with early morning crying

    Cats have a cycle - hunt, eat, wash, sleep. The only way to control sleeping times, is routined play time and eating. Free feeding messes with this, so first change I'd suggest is creating feeding times. Wet food also keeps the cat's energy steadier, he will be sleeping better after wet food, so...