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  1. JennKitty

    Cat might've ate something toxic???

    My cat woke up from a nap, went up to me, and started trying to barf. He was gulping. Nothing came out though. I thought it was maybe just hairballs, but I looked to his side, and there was a rough patch of fur there, which smelled like some kind of heavily scented soap. My guess was that he...
  2. JennKitty

    Fangs that stick out

    Hey everyone, I hope that you're all safe and healthy :) I have noticed that my cat's two fangs are somewhat sticking out. It's not very visible, but it's there. You can see a little bit of his fang from the picture above. Here's a clearer picture: His fangs are just so much bigger than the...
  3. JennKitty

    Automatic Cat Litter?

    Hi, I hope everybody is safe and healthy, Cleaning the little has always been something I dread. I did some research, and it seems that "Scoop Free Litter Box" is the cheapest automatic litter. Problem is, you have to use the litter that they provide. They're apparently silica litter. I'm not...
  4. JennKitty

    Help Me Please :((

    Hi, I woke up in the morning to my cat squinting one eye. He still seems to do his everyday things (like play/eat), but he just won't open his eye. When I take a closer look, there seems to be discharge coming out of his left eye. He's sometimes sneezing and rubbing his eye. I would take him to...
  5. JennKitty

    Cat Meowing Constantly

    Lately, my cat has been meowing every single day. He's been doing this for almost a month now. It's usually a high pitched meow, sometimes he sounds desperate for something. He has food in his bowl, so he isn't hungry. I play with him at least 10 min a day. He has water, and a litter box. His...
  6. JennKitty

    Wound Behind Cat's Ear.

    My cat was meowing aggressively, trying to get my attention. He was biting me really hard, and it wasn't love bites, or play bites. I first thought he was hungry so gave him some food, but he refused to eat it. I then noticed a bright red dot behind his ear. It was bleeding, but quite small. I...
  7. JennKitty

    Suddenly Change In Behavior (aggressiveness, Panting, Etc..)

    My 9 months old cat has been acting strange: 1. He started gagging, or more like "choking' after a quick game of catch. I honestly don't know if this occurred due to a hairball, just tired, or he might even have asthma?! 2. Been aggressive lately. He bites me for no utter reason at all. I play...
  8. JennKitty

    Different After Neutered

    My cat is a very sweet cat, and after his surgery, he was super hyper and friendly, just like before. A day later, he started seeming aloof and cold, like the relationship between us didn't matter anymore. He didn't walk over when I said his name, he wouldn't let me pick up him, and never...
  9. JennKitty

    Is It Okay For My Cat To Eat Oily Things?

    my 3 months old kitten always jumps onto the table, and he always likes to eat my food. Is it okay to let him eat? The meat he ate was chicken, but it was cooked with oil and some salt. Is it okay?
  10. JennKitty

    My Cat Keeps On Trying To Eat Eggs.

    My cat mochi keeps on trying to eat my eggs for breakfast! He jumps onto the table and starts sniffing my egg on the plate. I keep on putting him down, but he still keeps on jumping back up. Now my egg is covered in his fur! Is it okay for him to eat eggs? He's 1 month old, male, American...
  11. JennKitty

    Meh Little Mochi!

    This is my kitty Mochi. He is about 2 months right now! ( sorry the pic is sideways :/ )
  12. JennKitty

    What Breed Is This Cat?

    I saw this cat earlier and I wanted to adopt him/her. I don't know the breed. If anybody else knows, please tell me.