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  1. some_neurologist

    How often do breeders send kitten updates/ photos?

    I am far too excited and impatient to finally collect my fluffy little bundle of joy in 2 months!
  2. some_neurologist

    What is your cat's sign?

    Just for fun, what is your cat's sign? and does it fit his/ her personality?
  3. some_neurologist

    What is your favourite breed of cat?

    I'm very attracted (and attached) to Persians, Exotics and British Shorthairs... but if I had to choose one it would be Persian. I LOVE Persians.
  4. some_neurologist

    Why do some cats have markings underneath their nose (moustache-like)?

    I noticed some bicolour cats (mostly black and white) have large splotch under their nose, why is that and what it is called?