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  1. melissa

    A little long winded but I could use some advice

    My 18 year old kitty is in stage 2 ( but barely) renal failure. He has had issues with inappetance and in the last few months has had good days and bad ones. He has had two full blood panels and a complete urinalysis done recently and his kidney levels have actually marginally improved. He has...
  2. melissa

    Traveling with senior cats

    My husbands job is about to be split between two separate Provinces in the Maritimes of Canada. It will be 6 months in one and 6 months in another. My 3 senior cats (ages 18,16,14) have never travelled except very occasional vet trips. The drive is about 6 hours, how can I make this easiest for...
  3. melissa

    Hyperthyroid kitty and transdermsl methimazole

    My 14 year old cat Jack was recently diagnosed as hyperthyroid. He was prescribed transdermal methimazole that we have to rub into the skin inside his ear flap twice a day. I have to apply it with gloves as it can go through my skin barrier as well. I have a couple questions that I didn’t ask my...
  4. melissa

    18 year old cat with Renal failure

    My cat Gibbons was diagnosed yesterday with renal failure. I am devastated. My vet is showing me today how to give him subcu injections and we will start him on special low protein food. Can anyone give me practical advice on how to keep him as happy and comfortable as possible until he starts...
  5. melissa

    Hmmmm.....shes acting like shes still in heat

    Shaedi is still calling as if shes in heat. Would she do that if she had been mated with yesterday by the cat I found her with in the yard? I assumed mating caused a cat to go out of heat. Here's hoping thats the case because of all the issues a pregnancy would cause for her.
  6. melissa

    This is horrible!!

    My kitty Shaedi, who was born around the middle of Dec (making her 4 months old) escaped outside this morning when I was not at home- my 16 year old nephew was there and didn't notice her scoot out the door I came home a little while ago to find her snuggled up in the back yard by the fence...
  7. melissa

    hy-ration cat food?

    I'm consdiering trying this brand of dry food , and possibly the wet as well. Has anyone tried it? Its made by Eagle Pack.
  8. melissa


    My friends cat just had kittens 2 days ago and after less than 24 hours one of the kittens (the largest one of the bunch) opened one of his eyes. Is this going to harm his vision?? He looks much more developed than the other 4 kittens- is it possible that his mom got pregnant by one Tom with...
  9. melissa

    is this possible???

    Well...obviously it IS, because its happening. My 3 month old kitten Shaedi is in HEAT!! I thought she had to be at least 5 months old for that?? She was born around the middle of December. I'm taking extrodinary pains to make sure she doesn't get outside, because a pregnancy at her age would...
  10. melissa

    Kitten Season is here....

    I know of three pregnant kitties right now belonging to people in my circle of friends and family. I've spoken to the people, and am trying to convince them to spay the moms once the kittens are old enough. I'm hoping it doesn't fall on deaf ears. I'm also trying my best to find homes for the...
  11. melissa

    I'm hurting

    This morning is definitely not one of my best. I wasn't going to post this here, but I'm feeling so horrible I thought it might help to get it off my chest. My husband and I have been having a lot of problems lately because he'd rather be out partying than here with me. This morning he said he...
  12. melissa

    Stitches and itching

    My 10 week old kitten, Shaedi, has approximately 10 stitches on the back of her neck due to a wound she sustained before we took her in and we are having trouble keeping her from scratching them. They are in such a place that an Elizabethan collar couldn't be used, because it would sit directly...
  13. melissa


    I found out from my hubby that a friend of his had his girlfriend leave about 3 weeks ago, and after she left he threw her cats (and the female cats 4 week old kittens) outside, and that he hasn't been feeding them. Hubby has been taking food to them, and today I went with him. One of the...
  14. melissa

    Can I ask for some Prayers/Good vibes?

    My uncle Bruce is dying of the lung cancer he was diagnosed with about 6 months ago. I went to see him with my mom today, the family is keeping a constant bedside vigil at this point. He has opted to stay at home, instead of going to the hospital, and thankfully his family doctor has been...
  15. melissa angry

    Well- heres the story in a nutshell. We have a friend staying with us, you might remember my thread about it back when his girlfriend left him. I felt like I was put in the middle of the breakup- being friends with both parties. Anyways, when all was said and done we agreed to let him live...
  16. melissa

    Going to see LOTR!! So excited!!

    I got an early Christmas present from my best friend today- two tickets to see LOTR Return of the King!!! He's going to babysit for us for free too! What a guy! I'm SO excited. I've never read the last book in the trilogy, so I have no idea what happens. I'm trembling I'm so happy!!!!
  17. melissa

    Advice please

    I have a huge problem with two of my very good friends, that I'd love some help on handling if anyone has anything to offer. My best friend "Lisa" and her boyfriend "Joe" came over last night because he was upset that she had just told him she was leaving him. I am very good friends with Joe as...
  18. melissa

    So cool!

    My daughter is asking for My Little Pony's this year! That , to me, is so cool because they were one of my favorite toys as a child! We're getting her the new Celebration Castle, and I've also bid on ebay for some of the older ponies I used to have as a kid. Anyone else a MLP freak as a kid?
  19. melissa

    So proud of Onyx!

    I decided to give Onyx and Gibbons some Drontal yesterday for prevention of roundworms, since its been a year since they had any and they catch mice and birds fairly often. My Vet recommends every six months, but I usually do it yearly unless I see evidence of worms of course. Onyx usually...
  20. melissa

    So excited!!

    We had our Christmas party early this year for work, and I painted a picture of a lighthouse and scenery for the gift I brought, with my acrylic paints. Turns out my painting was a huge hit, and I've been 'hired' by 3 more co-workers to paint more! It makes a girl feel good to know that someone...