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  1. lollie

    Sevin (Insecticide) Safety By Cats

    We had some serious wind last winter and I ended up covering my fireplace front with one of those hard cardboard trifold poster boards you get at Walmart. I just used painters tape, but I wasn’t wrestling with a Yellowjacket. :)
  2. lollie

    Sevin (Insecticide) Safety By Cats

    Can you cover the fireplace entrance?
  3. lollie

    how to entertain bored cat that's recovering from spay?

    Koshka pulled a muscle last year and couldn’t play. I put Tom and Jerry videos on my tablet. She would watch them avidly until she fell asleep.
  4. lollie

    Ways to prop a door open for LB access?

    I had a problem with this, and used to simply use something heavy to keep the door open. I finally just picked up a rubber door stop like this- Heavy Duty Large Wedge Doorstop Vinyl 5 3/8 x 2 1/4, Brown - You can find them anywhere.
  5. lollie

    Cat suddenly scared of my husband

    This. My cat completely wigged out on me once because I tried a new hand lotion. I don’t know what was the matter with it, but she had a regular hissy fit.
  6. lollie

    Did I Just Spend $150 On A Rc Mouse Feather Thing?

    I bought something similar - : MalsiPree Robotic Interactive Cat Toy, Automatic Feather/Ball Teaser Toys for Kitten/Cats, USB Rechargeable Electronic Kitty Toy, Large Capacity Battery, All Floors/Carpet Available, 4 Bonus Feathers : Pet Supplies for my kitty’s birthday. It works...
  7. lollie

    Anybody had this problem with Fresh Step litter? (not clumping well on edges and corners)

    My cat has an extra large box, but she likes to go right against the edge, used to drive me crazy. Someone here, not long ago, recommended spraying a clean box with cooking oil spray before adding litter. I’ve done this since, and it works like a charm. The clumps come right off.
  8. lollie

    Ideas on large litter box

    I use this one- It is 24”L x 18”W x 10”H. Koshka was having the same problem with getting too close to the edge when she would poo. A high side prevents this, and this is low in the front for...
  9. lollie

    Every 5 months...Diarrhea!

    My cat got diarrhea once. It turned out she had a plug of hair stuck in her bowel. Only about the size of my pinkie, but it plugged her up and only liquid could get through. I have to make sure she gets brushed regularly, since she’s a heavy shedder.
  10. lollie

    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    You step on kitty vomit, and the first thing you think isn’t ewww, but oh no, she’s sick! You spend more on her doctor’s visits than your own. For the pandemic, you stocked up on her food, before yours.
  11. lollie

    Anyone else frustrated with litter keepers/lockers?

    Years ago, when I first got my cat, I tried the doggie bags and a lined step can. Stunk all the time. I got a Litter Genie and never looked back. Amazon has good deals on the refills for Prime day in July, and I stock up. Have gotten new cans too when there was an included deal. A tip someone...
  12. lollie

    Cat keeps meowing like she's in heat

    When did the constant meowing start? She’s always done it, or it’s more pronounced since her surgery? How often is she fed? Does she get much play time, and are there any other cats that hang around outside?
  13. lollie

    cat is climbing screens...

    If it’s a situation where this is a favorite window, and they are trying to get a better view, I would try a kitty tree in the same spot.
  14. lollie

    Dirty Anus

    I put my cat in a towel to do this, as she’s not terribly fond of me cleaning there either. I use the flushable wipes as they are a bit softer. If you get a bit of Vaseline on the wipe and rub that into the anal area, anything dried comes off much easier. I clean her up with more wipes, but she...
  15. lollie

    Saw a rat in our backyard today - Concerned about letting cats out

    This is interesting, because I was reading an article recently about an increased rat problem. I don't know where you live, but the cities especially are experiencing an issue right now. Apparently, because of the restaurant closures, the rats are getting desperate. They are becoming much bolder...
  16. lollie

    How do I teach a kitten to play on her own?

    I was working from home when I adopted Koshka, thank goodness. If I had it to do over again I would have adopted two kittens, not one. The first year, the only way I was able to eat was turning on one of those spinner toys. She was interested in it exactly twenty minutes, so that was my meal...
  17. lollie

    My Cat has become very aggressive towards me

    I put a new lotion on once and my cat went nuts. Puffed up, hissing, acting like she didn’t know me, etc. Another time it was an electric tooth whitener that glowed. She completely lost it, took her an hour to calm down. I’d review everything you did and touched in the last hour before the first...
  18. lollie

    Is cat shampoo safe?

    I use Earthbath. They claim in customer questions, that the amount of tea tree oil won’t harm cats, but I wouldn’t use it either. I use their fragrance free shampoo and conditioner. I have found she doesn’t over groom trying to get the scent off, and is much happier with it.
  19. lollie


    Koshka gets good food and gets brushed regularly, but is still prone to dandruff. I find giving her a dropper full of an omega 3 pet oil once a week, takes care of it. I have to give it by mouth, because she hates it. Most cats like it added to their food.
  20. lollie

    Any Hope Of Christmas Tree With Kittens?

    I use an artificial tree and have never had a problem with her trying to climb up inside it. She will, however, want to sit under it and chew on the branches. Very dangerous of course. I found that using the motion activated air canister works perfectly, and keeps her away from the tree. After...