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    Too much water?

    My fiance has been accusing me of not giving my kitten enough water- and I always am like I just filled the bowl 2 hours ago! and then he fills it, and then my mom thinks that no one has bothered to give her water and in the evening she fills it again! We just now realized, no one is neglecting...
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    This didn't even cross my mind until I read the post on peeing problems in the behavior section..... I just got a kitten about 2 weeks ago and she is now 9 weeks old. Ever since I got her she will pee outside of her litter box. I thought it might be stuff that our Salt Water aquarium stuff had...
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    Preference to a gender?

    Do kittens or cats ever prefer one gener to another? My new kitten will always show favoritism to my fiance', in fact, she could care less about me most of the time. I am the one that wanted her and takes care of her, so this seems a little odd to me. I have noticed that even when we take her...
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    Hey, I am new to this site! My name is Serina and I have a 9 week old female calico kitten named bella. I also have three adult cats, but they are outdoor cats. This is Bella.....