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  1. Jefhrn

    Cat nips only me!

    Our new 2 1/2 year old adopted Solo has started nipping at me, not my husband or son. We have plenty of playtime, he has hiding and climbing places, and he is regularly fed and watered. It happens when I’m just sitting near him, putting out my hand for him to smell, after playtime and even just...
  2. Jefhrn

    Is this play aggression?

    Solo, 2 1/2 year old neutered male joined our family 2 weeks ago, and we don’t have any other pets. He has started to jump me, swat at my legs and nip at me, but not anyone else in the house. We have been playing with him, providing toys, ample food and water and plenty of places to climb and...
  3. Jefhrn

    Hello from Solo’s new family!

    Our family has just welcomed Solo, a 21/2 year old male cat from a local rescue. He is almost all black with a couple of hidden white patches under an arm. He already feels like part of the family and we are trying hard to understand his meows and behavior, and letting him set the pace to get...