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  1. frankiecatsle

    Tips to prevent spraying...before it starts

    I've posted a little in other threads about a kitten we recently adopted. He's 16 weeks old now and has a grade 5 heart murmur. We just went to his latest check-up yesterday, vet confirmed the murmur hadn't improved, and we now have a referral to a cardiologist. Because of the severity of his...
  2. frankiecatsle


    Would love some advice on how to describe my new little guy. One person said he was a snowshoe (though that seems fairly uncommon), I've heard all different sort of suggestions about seal points and I honestly don't really know what that means or what the differences are. I got him from a friend...
  3. frankiecatsle

    Heart murmur - 10 week old kitten

    I took our new kitten to the vet today for his first checkup since getting him last week. Prognosis? Not good. They discovered a heart murmur and after listening and an ultrasound, rated it a 5. They're holding off on his vaccines for now and have scheduled another appointment when he's 16 weeks...
  4. frankiecatsle

    Kitten going potty next to the litter box

    So we got a new kitten Friday, he's 9 weeks old. I knew going into the situation to not expect very much in terms of his behavior/health/fleas/etc tbh. He came from a friend of my sister's who had "too many cats" and anyway, long story short, he didn't come from the best conditions though I'm...
  5. frankiecatsle

    Stray - feeling guilty to release after TNR

    I apologize in advance if this gets long, I only know how to write novels, I'm sorry! So, two days ago I found a litter of kittens under my car. Four babies, all black, approximately three weeks old. I "knew" the mama cat, she's a stray that's been around for a while and stays in a vacant lot...
  6. frankiecatsle

    Swollen Lip - Advice?

    Hey everybody! I'm new around these parts but I'd love some advice or maybe even some past experiences. I noticed my cat Frankie had a swollen lip about a week ago. At first I wasn't entirely sure it was really swollen but after a day or so it became obvious. The vet we used to go to recently...