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  1. Turbo21^^

    I Have Been Told He Is Part Bobcat?

    This is Turbo he is 8 months old , weighs 11.5lbs , stocky & strong, very intelligent plays fetch, high fives , gives me paw , sits , lay down and reaches up. His front paws r huge he is pterodactyl but only in front his rear paws r pretty big too! Long tail.And I know some bobcat mix breeds r...
  2. Turbo21^^

    What Is He ??? Please Help

    This is Turbo he is about 7 months old , 9.2lbs we got him in September , he seems big for his age. He is polydactyl 6 on each front paws, 5 on each rear paws. Also his rear legs are very long and fronts legs are slightly shorter . When he stretched out body is very long too! His bone structure...