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  1. lyssa366

    getting her to eat royal canin so

    SO glad to hear! I always knew cats have an expensive taste! I have my kitty on just dry right now and he drinks a whole bowl of water in a day, its crazy how good that stuff works, I'm sure you'll notice soon. Keep us posted on how shes doing :)
  2. lyssa366

    getting her to eat royal canin so

    I had this issue with my cat as well, he HATES pate form food, he wouldn't even look at it when I first gave it to him. I put him on the dry food first, he ate that like it was candy (some cats have expensive taste buds), and later he ended up having more urinary issues so I put him on both wet...
  3. lyssa366

    My cat has first UTI

    I agree with what Denice said about the pain and stress, my kitty has urinary issues as well and I found that it stressed him out a lot because he was in pain when he was trying to pee, and stress can be a key factor to urinary problems, especially males being prone to blockages because of their...
  4. lyssa366


    Oooh I really like this one. Thanks! And yes my dad goes home once a day to check on the cattle so I'll make sure he checks up on my cat. Thanks guys, these are both exactly what I was looking for.
  5. lyssa366


    I was just wondering, are there any types of feeders out there, that would slowly and occasionally let out food during the day? I'm not really sure how to explain what I'm talking about but maybe someone will know what I mean.  but the reason being is that i have every other weekend off and we...
  6. lyssa366

    Eye Discharge

    it was kind of like a yellowy coloured discharge. Its good to hear she's still eating well, make sure she's also getting lots of water to keep hydrated. is there any colour of the mucous thats coming out her nose? I believe if its also a yellowy/green colour, it could be upper resp. I was...
  7. lyssa366

    Eye Discharge

    Our barn cats when they were young always had a discharge coming from their eyes, wasn't ever really sure what it was but we always brought them inside and if you take a bag of tea probably green tea, nothing that's harsh, put it in some hot water or run it under the tap, but make sure its not...
  8. lyssa366

    Cat refuses to stop jumping up on counters, kitchen table etc

    I have a 10 month old cat who i've had since he was basically a baby. When he was much younger he liked to jump up on my desk and on the dressers and the tables and everything else, and so I would yell at him or raise my voice at him and sometimes it would keep him off, i soon realized that...
  9. lyssa366

    Sentry Calming Collar

    I'm not 100% sure where this should go but, I was just wondering what the reviews for the Sentry Calming Collar for cats? Has anyone used it on a cat who hates traveling? I have to travel home Saturday, bout 7 hours with my 7mo kitten and he's not the greatest traveler, as well as take a few...
  10. lyssa366

    Still peeing on the bed

    As far as I know, the only thing that really stresses him out is being in his carrier, absolutely hates it, but I've recently bought feliway and I'm going to smother his carrier and blankets and what not with it before we leave. Since i share a house with 3 other people, his litter box stays in...
  11. lyssa366

    Still peeing on the bed

    I clean his litter box at least 3 times a day, he doesn't like a messy box. I got my mom to pick up a urine cleaner for this bed at home. I'm not sure its a stress related thing. He uses his litter box all the time, even uses the family cats litter box when hes out and about down stairs. My vet...
  12. lyssa366

    dumping water

    Pet water fountains are GREAT for this, they're big and clunky and kitty can't knock it over but can still play it in. They have them at walmart or pet stores for 20-30 bucks. My kitty plays and knocks over his water too and the fountain works wonders. They look tall but kitty can still drink...
  13. lyssa366

    Still peeing on the bed

    Recently my 7mo old kitty has been peeing on the bed. In October or November is when it started, he had peed on the bed a few times and I heard him complain while going to the litter box so I took him to the vet the day he was supposed to get neutered and they said he had a urine infection and...
  14. lyssa366

    Scared of the cone

    I was actually told not to use a bitter spray. He doesn't have stitches, the incison is open for healing. The cone was the only option.
  15. lyssa366

    Scared of the cone

    My cat recently had a neuter and I just bought a cone because he's constantly licking, I also bought some feliway because I'm going home for Christmas and he's not a fan of car rides, I was wondering if spraying his cone with feliway would be okay? He absolutely loves the smell as I tested it...
  16. lyssa366

    Urine Infection Advice

    My little baby was supposed to go into the vet last week for a neuter, but a few days before that he had peed on my bed and I knew something was up because he was crying before he used the litter box so I had ordered the vet to do a urinalysis and he was sent home without his neuter and a urine...
  17. lyssa366

    How to get my cat to eat pate wet food.

    So, my kitty has a urine infection and I was instructed to feed him wet food. I usually gave it to him as a treat but now it seems its going to be a daily thing. He likes eating the chunks but he refuses to eat the pate, but all the good kitty food comes in pate. I refuse to feed my cat anything...
  18. lyssa366

    Kitten lashing out after bad experiences

    So, I'm a student in Vet assistant and animal grooming, a few weeks ago I took my kitten into class and attempted in giving him a bath and get him cleaned up. The experience was horrible and my professor was very rude about the situation, needless to say the poor guy peed himself and ended up...
  19. lyssa366

    minimizing the litter box smell

    So i wasn't really sure where to put this so its kind of a care issue but anyways. I'm a college student and so i brought along my kitten with me and i live in a house and his litter box and food and everything all has to be in my room. one thing is is that if the box starts to stink really bad...
  20. lyssa366

    Kitten stepping in his own poo

    I just got my 13 week old kitten Cooper on Thursday, he came litter trained and as soon as I got him home and showed him where the litter box is, he went right away. Yesterday and today he's been having issues where he's stepping in his freshly made poo while covering it up, luckily it's only...