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  1. Artcurus

    Update-Rock and Hard Place Post.

    Okay, in my earlier thread, I posted that we had 4 cats, three kittens around 5 months old and a momma cat. The momma cat has now become a full fledged pet, she'll get into my lap and sometimes sleeps with me. Two of the kittens were taken to my cousin's house. The third one we couldn't trap...
  2. Artcurus

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place-Need Advice

    Hello All, About 5 months ago, we had a momma cat and three kittens show up. I began feeding them (dry cat food) to see what would happen. The momma cat became more friendly, and eventually wanted into the house. As I found out yesterday, she was also litter trained. She also heads straight...