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  1. EmmiTemmi

    How Much To Feed Home Cooked?

    I've always fed by calories, not by body weight percent, and so for my two cats (9.5lbs and 10.75lbs, both just over a year old) to feed 220cal it's about 4% of their body weight (5.7oz), with the formulas I use. I can see how using a higher fat/calorie formula would require a smaller body...
  2. EmmiTemmi

    Allergies And Eggshell Powder

    He will probably be fine with eggshell powder, as it shouldn't contain chicken protein and is around 97% calcium carbonate. I've heard of other people who have pets with poultry allergies and they're fine with eggshells. Let us know how it goes!
  3. EmmiTemmi

    Maybe A Dumb Question About Pre-mixes...

    I think it's very discouraged to just use fish as the protein source. For one, it prevents proper gut microbe vitamin K synthesis, so you'd need to supplement vitamin K if using over 15-25% fish. Also, salmon is pretty top of the food chain, and so is usually pretty heavily mercury contaminated...
  4. EmmiTemmi

    Raw Food After Dental Extractions

    With open wounds in the mouth, there is definitely an increased risk of conveying a bacterial infection through raw food. Some people might say it's fine and take the risk, but I probably wouldn't with my own cats. Your choice though. If your raw recipe is able to be cooked and maintain the...
  5. EmmiTemmi

    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    Oh my goodness, what angels! Happy belated birthday to Carmie and Foxy! :celebrate::bday::celebrate:
  6. EmmiTemmi

    Contest April Picture Of The Month: Grooming Time

    Entry - Monty and Colby Monty never grooms Colby, but Colby's always grooming Monty :lovecat:
  7. EmmiTemmi

    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    And now it's Monterey 'Monty' Jack's time to shine. My one year old superstar :hearthrob: This sweetheart's litter was born the day after Colby's and just a few miles away. Brother from another mother? :think:
  8. EmmiTemmi

    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    Today, Colby Jack is officially a year old! They grow up so darn fast. :sniffle: I've had him since late August 2017, which means I can perfectly fill a 3x3 collage with one photo of him from every month! My sweet little orange cheese curd :hearthrob::redheartpump:
  9. EmmiTemmi

    Cats And Cheap Dry Food.

    I volunteer at a shelter with a man whose cat recently passed away at 19 years old, having been fed only Meow Mix its entire indoor cat life.
  10. EmmiTemmi

    Picture Of Cats Yawning

    :redheartpump::redheartpump::redheartpump: Didn't even know that was a thing! Thank you! My other boy, Monty, turns a year old the day after Colby :redheartpump::redheartpump::redheartpump:
  11. EmmiTemmi

    Picture Of Cats Yawning

    Just captured a (slightly obscured) picture of my lovely orange boy, Colby, yawning beautifully. He turns 1 year old tomorrow!!! :party:
  12. EmmiTemmi

    I Just Ordered Darwin's...

    OK! So, a couple weeks ago I received the 10lbs for $15 introductory offer from Darwin's. I cancelled soon after, because I absolutely cannot afford the price on a grad stipend, but, if I had more of an income I would consider it. My cats LOVED it. Like, I don't know what magic sauce they use...
  13. EmmiTemmi

    Anyone Tried Chewy's American Journey Grain Free Dry?

    "Funny"? I think it's hilarious how different cats respond to different kibble! If my two boys eat smaller kibble (like American Journey, which I still have over half a small bag of because after 1.5+ months of feeding it, I still need to go really small amounts!) they are super sick the next...
  14. EmmiTemmi

    Picture Of Cats Yawning

    Haha! Caught another semi-clear (although very strange angle) of Monty yawning again!
  15. EmmiTemmi

    Pet Diet Designer

    Agreed. It took me forever to figure stuff out, but it's fun to play around with now that I understand it more. I think the thing I hate the most is that each recipe has to be done on a cal/day basis for a certain animal (and then you can scale up in the report module for batches). And so the...
  16. EmmiTemmi

    Cooked Recipes Thread

    Okay, first off, this is going to go way off topic from the original thread, so I won't be surprised if it gets moved/deleted. Please message me directly if you want to reply or comment, since I don't want to detract too much from the initial intent of the thread! Yes, I did like some of their...
  17. EmmiTemmi


    "There is no indigenous lactase in milk. Raw milk advocates claim that raw milk does not cause lactose intolerance because it contains lactase secreted by “beneficial” or probiotic bacteria present in raw milk. As discussed in a later section (claim 4), raw milk does not contain probiotic...
  18. EmmiTemmi

    Cooked Recipes Thread

    That docuseries was such a fear-mongering lie that I stopped watching after episode 4. Please do not take anything they said seriously without researching very thoroughly and looking into the facts on the other side. Prescription urinary formula can help in some cases, since it contains certain...
  19. EmmiTemmi

    So What Exactly Is Wrong With Vegan Cat Food?

    Found this study today when I was browsing scholarly articles for something else, and thought of this thread. Link: An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie It's a JAVMA article discussing the nutrient composition of two vegan cat foods (1 canned, and 1 that needs to be mixed with flour...
  20. EmmiTemmi

    Raw Food And Stool Production

    I'm glad it's not just my cats who have larger poos than I was expecting on a raw diet! I've seen other raw feeders show off their cat's poo and it's so nice and small. My boy's poo has gotten a little smaller, but not near what it seems like others have. I'm just glad the smell is nearly...