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    Confused About Tractor Supply Equine Pine Pellets As Litter

    I came across a YouTube video by a woman who runs a cattery and states she found a better, and safer, litter. She purchases Equine Pine Pellet Bedding from Tractor Supply Co. and uses the top portion of the Tidy Cat Breeze system (the part with the slats in it) on top of a larger litter box...
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    Wet Food vs Dry Food per Vet?

    I've been reading the forums and wet food is considered preferable. At Kali II's last vet visit for a mild case of gingivitis and bad breath my vet highly recommended Science Diet's t/d (all those letters confuse to address those issues. Kali loves it and within a few days the...
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    The Booda Litter Box (is The Bomb)! (merged threads)

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! I know a lot of litter box discussions are on this board but many of them are old threads. I just purchased the Booda Dome and wanted to comment on it so if anyone is currently looking for a new litter box this is my input: Kali is a digger and scatters litter...
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    Final post on How I Became a Cat Lover

    The last (and shortest) part of my “introduction.†After Morris was put to sleep I wrestled with the dilemma of “should I wait awhile to adopt another cat, or should I adopt now?†I actually thought I would wait at least a month, but I began checking out adoption sites online...
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    How I Became a Cat Lover - Part II

    First I apologize for the length of time it has taken to complete this story, especially as several of you enjoyed the first part. The time lapse was partly due to "the stuff of life" and partly my trying to find my two photos of TV - the cat who introduced me to the cat world. No luck so far...
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    Question for a Mentor, Please

    Hi! Is there a way to somehow mark a thread to be able to go back to just that thread? It looks like I can subscribe to an entire forum, but haven't found anything (yet) about marking a thread. Thanks for your help Czari
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    How I Became a Cat Lover

    Hi, everyone!! I joined this site on Oct. 15, 2005, but I can't find my "introduction post" and have looked for it in vain; so I guess I just jumped in and started posting! I have not been seen on the forums I think since the end of October due to going out of work on short-term-disability...
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    Taking Cats out in Public

    Wasn't sure what to call this thread but I've read several posts that mention taking their cats to, say, PetSmart, etc. I've never taken any of my prior cats out into "the public" - just transported them in their carriers to the vet, boarding, etc. My new cat, Kali, is very docile. I've...