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    My cat is growling, screaming and running away from his food and won’t eat

    Quick history- I am caring for a 16 year old longhair male cat who lives outside but is friendly but sometimes comes inside in the basement during bad weather. In the last three years his health declined rapidly. He had 7 very rotten teeth pulled three years ago and nearly died from starvation...
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    Tiny bumps on cats ears

    My cat had recently developed tiny bumps on his ears and he’s been scratching them like crazy, one side of his neck he started scratching too. He was just in the vet for wax removal and flea medicine so I don’t think it’s any of those, I have no idea what this is and my vet is closed this week
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    My cat was diagnosed with mesenteric mass lymph node

    My 16 year old cat had been rapidly declining and I made an emergency vet visit. Back in March he had been urinating frequently and getting vomiting and some blood in diarrhea, also losing weight. The vets found nothing wrong. Two weeks who I noticed my cat had trouble eating and barely ate...
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    Elderly cat has constant diarrhea

    Is there anything I can buy to help settle his stomach or solidify his stools, like when people take Pepto to help their stomach? I don’t know the cause of my 16 year olds issue I can’t afford a vet right now, he is having diarrhea constantly all over the house and I know it’s not from food change.
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    Best grooming tool for Maine coon undercoat?

    I have an old Maine coon male and my brushes don’t work too well on his undercoat shedding plus he doesn’t groom as good anymore. I’ve tried the furminator and a slicker brush. He won’t let me brush his mane/neck, belly, or legs I think the brushes hurt him he bites himself as I brush him. What...
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    Cat is becoming progressively more aggressive to my other cats

    I adopted a cat back in July who is 6 years old and a neutered male. This cat had two previous homes before me and spent nearly a year in a shelter, he had many behavioral issues and wasn’t in the best health. I don’t know about his first home, but his second was in an apartment with no other...
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    Cat sniffing others rear

    I have 3 neutered male cats, and my newest and youngest obsessively sniffs one of my other cats butts constantly! He literally follows the cat everywhere, watches him sleep, won’t leave his side but this following and sniffing is starting to annoy my other cat now. Why would a cat do this...
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    Suspicious growth on my cats cheek

    I adopted my 6 year old cat 3 months ago, and just recently noticed this fleshy feeling bump on him. He did not have it when I adopted him. He constantly scratches it, and he is an indoor cat and has no injury to the area. The color worries me.
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    Creatine Kinase Elevation In Cat

    My cats blood test showed creatine kinase to be 650 when normal high is 440. I called the vet because they never mentioned the finding, and they said it’s high because of the needle to get blood the cat struggled. Is there any other reason it could be high, every other part of blood test was normal.
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    Could My Cat Have Some Bengal In Him?

    He is obsessed with water, great with kids and dogs, very active and athletic, and his pattern and eyes do look somewhat bengal/tabby mix. The only part that doesn’t fit is Hairy black ear tips which is usually Maine coon, but my cat is small only 10 pounds and small paws.
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    Cat Won’t Eat Grass To Cough Up Hairballs

    My cat I recently adopted has trouble getting up hairballs, his stools are wrapped in hair and very hard. He gets lots of canned food and water which I thought would help loosen the hair internally. I offer fresh cat nip and cat grass daily I grew but he won’t eat them. I’ve tried hairballs...
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    Introducing Indoor Cat To Semi Outdoor Cats

    I have a bit of a complicated situation to figure out. I might end up rescuing an indoor cat in need. I live in a house and although I don’t have any indoor cats, I have two very friendly stray cats from outside that come in during rain and most of the winter to eat and sleep. The cats are...
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    Is Adopting A Cat Now Really A Good Decision?

    My girlfriend just moved and got her own rental apartment and has never been able to own a pet growing up and family who had pets had dogs. She has been volunteering at her local animal shelter for a month and is starting work there part time. But in all honesty she barely has enough money to...
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    Roundworm In Adult Cat

    A friendly stray I care for threw up roundworms. He has chronic bloody diarrhea, bloating, bad gas, bad coughing, and a ravenous appetite. He’s never been to a vet but I contacted someone who does rescue and they are giving me strongid. But not having seen a vet for weight how much of a dose do...
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    Is Ear Cancer Fatal?

    I have some sad news, I had to put my 16 year old cat to sleep last week. :( She had been unable to walk using her back legs and her eyes remained dilated and blind. Although she ate when we placed food unde her she mainly hid in a dark corner for a week and that’s when we brought her to the...
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    How Many Hours To Space Clavamox?

    My cat was given clavamox tablets 62 mg twice a day. It doesn't say how often to space out the tablets?
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    Cats Hair Falling Out

    There is an abandoned cat I care for outside, he is super friendly and last year I got him neutered but don't know his age, vets guess around 8. I was brushing him, and noticed so many clumps of hair coming out easily. I kept brushing because he liked it, and from the back of his neck to base...
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    My indoor cat poops all over the house

    My 16 year old cat has gotten progressively worse pooing around the house. She goes to the bathroom on everything almost 3 times a day and smears the poo. She will use the litter box to pee, not poop, and only 3 years ago always used the box for everything and we use the same litter. She does...
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    Stray has chronic bloody diarrhea

    A stray I care for (abandoned outdoor pet) has been having bloody diarrhea for months. The blood comes out in liquid and small clots, and sticky yellowish fluid comes out with it. He is very plump but has breathing trouble on top of this. For now I cannot afford to vet him, so I'm looking for...
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    How to clean open abscess?

    I have an outdoor cat on the top of his head is a large lump, and he scratched it and pus is leaking out. I'm not able to get him to a vet right now but he will let me clean the wound. So far I've been wiping with a tissue and warm water. Is there anything in the house I can use to clean the...