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    Making signature backgrounds....HOW??

    How do you make all those wonderful signature backgrounds? Does anyone have instructions or something? I'm not too good when it comes to making new things on photoshop. lol Thank you *LuLu*
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    Changing Signature

    I can't seem to change/edit my signature or anything. I don't know why though Someone please help me. Lulu x
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    Maxy and Billy

    Hiya Just thought I'd share some of my new pictures of Max and Billy with all my cat lover friends hehe Max thought he'd have a rest. Aren't you ment to do exercise on that? Billy needed a wash Aww A nice one of Billy And a nice one of Max Their daft! Hope you liked the pics Lulu x
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    Really Happy =) Got myself a little job

    I have offered to be a volunteer at a small animal rescue centre (The Blue Cross) near me. I had to fill in some forms and send them off and they have accepted me I'm going up on Saturday for my first proper viewing of the place and might be able to start work. The manager said I can do like...
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    RIP Curiosity

    My cousins cat died He was called Curiosity He was 8 or 9years old and died of a kidney failure I don't really know much about it as I don't see my cousin very often but I do know it was a really sweet little kitty.
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    Question about buying gifts

    How do you buy gifts for yourself??? I thought there was a button which said 'Shop' but I can't find it
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    Fishy & Pinky-Lou

    Hello, Just thought I'd show you a couple of pics of my fish and birdy Fishy (Doesn't really have a name so we just call him Fishy ) Pinky-Lou (My pink birdy ) LuLu x
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    Couple of questions about photoshop

    How do you get all those lovely backgrounds??? How do you cut around the picture so neatly?? On the pics other people do you get the exact picture. With like the whiskas sticking out and that. lol Thanks LuLu x x x
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    Signature/Image Sizes

    Well my photoshop elements 5.0 came yesterday Loaded it onto the computer and its fine. One problem is transfering the onto the computer with the internet. It is currently on my laptop because it says it needs xp to work and my computer with the internet is windows 2000. ANYWAY....... On one...
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    Bath Time With No Water :D

    Saw somebody else who had pictures of there cat in the bath and reminded me that I had some Max and Billy sneaked in the bathroom the other day after my dad had cleaned the bath out. My baby Max Billy More to come in a sec.
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    My darling Maxy being rude

    haha Close your legs Max
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    New Photoshop User....Help

    Well sort of....we ordered it yesterday so it should come in the post sometime this week I will probably be asking for loads of help so if there is a thread on here which tells you how to make a signature could you attach it to this for me please Fingers Crossed that it all goes well Once I...
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    If I were to get photoshop......

    Is it better to get 'Photoshop CS2'?? If not, what should I get??? Cheers LuLu x
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    Keep your fingers crossed

    I have asked my parents to buy me photoshop for christmas. They are very relucted to buy me any of this stuff because our computer is very good at crashing when you try something new. If I do get it I may be asking for a bit of help on how to make signatures LuLu x x x
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    Some pictures of Max & Billy

    Haven't posted pics of max and billy for a while now so thought you all might like to see how their getting on. Max grooming...
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    I would like to....

    wish all members on TCS and their cats/kittens and other pets a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have to do it early encase I can't get on between now and then. I would also like to thank everyone for all their help while we have been bringing our two little kittens up...
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    Kitten isn't chewing biscuits. Rather concerned

    Hi, One of my kittens doesn't chew when he eats biscuits. I am a bit concerned because someone I know said her cat never chewed his biscuits and eventually his teeth feel out because of this. Is there anyway I can get him to chew his biscuits? Thanks LuLu x
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    How do I stop my kittens from pulling my wallpaper off???? HELP

    Hi guys, My kittens are being real pains at the moment. They are pulling the wallpaper off in my room, the big proble with that is that it has polystyrene behind it because I had two outside walls. Well they are pulling that off too and are attempting to eat it. I thought about closing my door...
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    Billy's ½ a year old today

    Hiya, Billy's exactly 6 motnhs old today This is him when we got him This is him now
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    It should be her birthday today..

    Back in May my siamese x cat, Saffy died. We don't know why, but today would have been her 2nd birthday RIP my baby Saffy I would like to thank 4crazycat for making this signature of Saffy for me. It is still my nan's cat Pepsi 2nd birthday. Thats Saffy sister LuLu x