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    Dry food recommendations?

    I'm sure there's been many topics like this before but I'm having a hard time deciding on dry food for my cats. I have two boys (ages 2 and 3), I used to feed them Acana Wild Prairie, they liked it well enough. Then one of them had urinary issues so I had to give him special food (I did Royal...
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    Cat vomiting clear liquid

    I'll be taking my cat to vet tomorrow (it's closed today because of Easter) but I'm very anxious so I thought I would consult here. My cat vomited some clear liquid on April 5th, 8th and today. It only happened once each of these days. Last time it happened I called the vet and they said to...
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    Advice on taking a urine sample?

    Hi all, I need to take a urine sample to bring to the vet and I've had no success for a week. I've manage to get them before but this time my cat just isn't cooperating at all. In the past I've managed to do it in both an empty litter box and using the special litter (the one that looks like...
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    Since I'm at home all the time these days, I've been brushing my cats more and noticed that one of them has a lot of dandruffs. He has a light coat so it took me longer to notice but now that I did, I can see that he has quite a lot! I would take him to the vet but my country is on a tight lock...