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    Does anyone know of a good companion pet for an elderly kitty? Kitty has been wanting someone to just sit with her all day long. I sit with her as much as possible but I have to clean and fix dinner, etc. She just crys when she is alone until someone comes and sits with her. A friend of...
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    my sweet kitty

    We got the news on the tumor yesterday afternoon, it is squamous cell carcinoma. I have read a little about it online and it doesn't sound good. I think maybe I'm in a bit of shock considering that this is my childhood pet. We will be making an appointment with an oncologist to see what can...
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    New member: easiest way to give a tablet - please help

    I usually break open a soft kitty treat and put the pill inside, then roll it in parmesan cheese. Sometimes she realizes a pill is inside and leaves it behind but a second "bon bon" ususally does the trick.
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    my poor cat!

    Your kitty looks so sweet!! I hope that he is feeling better soon, I couldn't imagine having to be away from him for 10 whole days!! I hope your visit goes well with him.
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    my sweet kitty

    My silly kitty is up to no good already!! She's been tearing around the house and her tail has been twitching!! Our good news for yesterday was that all of her bloodwork was good.. including kidneys and liver (hospitalized in oct for fatty liver disease). I'm begining to wonder why I worry so...
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    my sweet kitty

    Just talked to the vet... she came through ok . They removed 2 teeth and biopsied a tumor in the back of her mouth (this was the cause of the swelling). She should be home tonight, thankfully!!! Has anyone ever heard of tumors in cat's mouth's? Now I'm a little curious as to what that must...
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    Peeing and Pooping Cat

    I am so excited to hear that someone else has an old lady too! Kitty just recently turned 21 and has had some of the same problems. Usually we can tell when something is wrong when she starts meowing loudly like you mentioned. It seems to be her way of getting our attention. When you take...
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    my sweet kitty

    Thanks for all the warm thoughts... still waiting to hear how it went. This is like the worst torture!!
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    Questions with an enemic cat

    I have found through my experiences with Kitty when she has been ill and sometimes had to see a different vet that some vets are not as thorough as I would like them to be. I would try calling the vet and talking to them. Let them know about the new problems and how concerned you are. Kitty...
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    my sweet kitty

    Kitty is at the vet's office (yet again) for her mouth. I found a lump in her lip last night and took her in to have it looked at. She has an abcess on one of her back teeth and will be having a surgical extraction today. I feel really bad because she probably had it for a while but was...
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    Brushing cats teeth

    Kitty doesn't seem to mind having her teeth brushed too much. We got a tiny toothbrush from the pet store and some malt flavored enzymatic toothpaste. I usually just sit her in my lap and hold her front paws, she actually seemed to enjoy having her gums brushed when they were inflamed...
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    Cat Vs. Tub?

    Kitty doesn't dislike water but she certianly wouldn't voluntarily jump into it. She seems to enjoy and occasional warm bath in the sink though.
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    new here...

    We try to limit her parmesan cheese intake, but it really helps to keep her appetite up. When she smells it she will eat whatever it's on.. including her pills. It works wonders!!
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    What types of creatures share your home?

    We have 2 bearded dragons age 2 1/2, Dragon and Lizzy and 1 Cat age 21, Kitty. I'm not allowed to have anymore
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    new here...

    I guess I should say hello! I am currently in love with my 21 year old girl "Kitty"... I know, it's not her real name but she doesn't respond to her real name so Kitty it is. Kitty enjoys heating pads, fuzzy beds, catnip and parmesan cheese. I've very happy to be here and I hope that I will...
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    How much care...

    I am new here (haha, obviously). My "Kitty" has just turned 21 and has had a pretty bad year. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and given daily meds to control it. Following the meds she became very lethargic and stopped eating, it was then determined that they gave us the wrong dose for...