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    New kitten eating Blue Ridge kitten grind and mix? Not confident in it

    Just adopted a new kitten (4 months) that the breeder said was eating Blue Ridge kitten grind and mix (1/2 & 1/2), plus kitty bloom and nuvet vitamins, and a probiotic. I am concerned about her being nutritionally complete. The breeder is excellent and experienced. But I am new to raw. The...
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    Adopting 2 kittens from different catteries. Concerns?

    I have apparently been blessed. I have two catteries who would let me adopt from them. Both 4 month old kittens. Is it unwise to get 2 kittens from different catteries at the same time? Health wise anyway? I have read posts here that indicating getting 2 kittens is good for them. I would like a...
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    Should one adopt 2 unrelated 4 month olds at the same time? or wait on one?

    Odd situation, but I have an option to adopt a second cat ealier than I expected. I am just adopting my new kitty this weekend. She's 4 months old, and very sweet. Now i have an option to adopt a second - not from same litter! Completely different. also 4 months. With they adjust better with or...
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    Will cat use home made real tree cat tree?

    Found these for sale and think they are lovely. But will my cats use them? Thanks.
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    16 week adoption age questions re socialization

    We are seeking to adopt a full breed kitten and most breeders are telling us that their kittens are adopted at 16 weeks. All of the research I have read says that the socialization period is in that first 16 weeks. I am just wondering how a breeder with several litters can socialize all the...
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    Early kitten care by rough person & future behavior?

    We are looking to adopt a kitten and met them. The owners brought them all into the living room The 2 girls (9.5 weeks old) were scared and ran off, the boys which are 2 weeks older stayed and played (12 weeks old). None liked handling or would tolerate being held. We cajoled the girls out...