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    Hiding in a closet?

    Hello all, So I recently relocated from NY to NC. I brought my orange cat with me, cause...he's my cat. At first, he was a little traumatiazed from an 8 hour car ride in a crate (totally understandable). And over the past month, he was slowly getting over that trauma. He was very loving...
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    Which Would Be Less Cruel?

    Hello all, So I'm internviewing for a job on the other side of the country. If I were to move out there, I could make my dollar go alot further by not taking him with me. Now I have an orange cat named Borris. He had 2 previous owners, and has really bonded to me. While he has been with me...
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    Cat Is Very Needy, Not Sure How To Handle It

    Hello all, I have a wonderful orange cat named Borris. I am his third owner, first adopted by a woman I don't know, then adopted by my sisters friend who couldn't keep him (aparment living arangements). So now he's living in my house, and has really attached to me. When my parents get home...