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  1. libby74

    Happy 5th Birthday Luna!

    Happy Belated Birthday, darling Luna!  I'm sure you (and Midnight) both had a wonderful time <3
  2. libby74

    Famous lines from movies...

    "I didn't get a 'harumph' outta that guy!"  Mel Brooks "Give the Governor 'harumph'!"  Harvey Korman Blazing Saddles (funniest movie ever!)
  3. libby74

    Happy New Year from Luna & Midnight!

    Such photogenic babies!  They certainly know how to celebrate a holiday! 
  4. libby74

    How Luna & Midnight celebrated Thanksgiving!

    I always get such a kick out of your pictures!  Love Luna's Pilgrim bonnet, and Midnight is so handsome in his hat
  5. libby74

    Thanksgiving Quandry

    Sounds as if you've come to a happy resolution, but hey---the day is still young. Hope you have an enjoyable evening with your friends; Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. libby74

    Thanksgiving Quandry

    I'm reading "passive-aggressive control freaks"  from this whole situation. (no offense intended towards your friends)    I think the bottom line is: you've made your plans to go to the buffet you picked, they agreed, for whatever reason they've changed their minds, and it doesn't seem fair to...
  7. libby74

    Thanksgiving Quandry

    I guess the first thing to ask myself would be "is the extra $8 really going to be a strain on their finances?"  If you end up at the buffet you suggested, will there be an awkward atmosphere all evening?  Will they pick on every little thing that meet their standards?  Whose idea has it been to...
  8. libby74

    How Luna & Midnight celebrated Halloween!

    Absolutely adorable!  I especially like the pic of Luna being blessed; such a good girl! Thanks for sharing, hon!  It's always a pleasure to see Midnight's & Lunas' holiday pictures.
  9. libby74

    My PC or TCS?

    I haven't tried different browsers; I use IE exclusively.  I did install malwarebytes, and thinking about Natalie's suggestion regarding cureit.  Strangely enough, as I'm typing this I'm not having any issues---no audio, the print is keeping up with my typing; I have no clue if simply installing...
  10. libby74

    My PC or TCS?

    I installed and ran malwarbytes, and it didn't find anything.   Ran a scan with Norton---again, nothing.  Having a heck of a time typing this, missing letters in words and not keeping up with my typing.  No audio this time
  11. libby74

    My PC or TCS?

    I'm running Norton, so things should be okay but I'll double-check. I'm having a lot of trouble typing this but there's a video ad trying to run on the right side of my screen.
  12. libby74

    My PC or TCS?

    I'm not real computer literate, so I'm going to ask what may be a dumb question.  I was replying to a private message here, and half of what I was typing just wasn't showing up; I had to repeatedly go back and type it over again.  Several times, the soundtrack from a commercial broke in---no...
  13. libby74

    Midnight's 4th Birthday & Gotcha Week Pictures!

    Beautiful pictures, as always.  Hope both Midnight and Luna enjoyed their special days!
  14. libby74

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 15

    I use a couple of spritzes of Sand & Sable every morning, whether I'm going anywhere or just staying home. 
  15. libby74

    Urgent vibes and prayers needed for feralvr's Perla!

    Wow, Lauren, never a dull moment at your house, is there? Seriously, I've been through the "my house is full of sick cats!" and it's so wearing on their human.  It's as if you're on constant high alert and can't let your guard down for a moment.  It sounds as if you've got a good handle on...
  16. libby74

    Urgent vibes and prayers needed for feralvr's Perla!

    Wow, has it really been two years?!   Good to hear that your have a diagnosis for the Little Princess.  You may be right about Wendall not having asthma.  Head skritches to the babies
  17. libby74

    Happy 4th of July from Luna & Midnight!

    Such good kitties, and so very patriotic!  Midnight's cut is so cute!
  18. libby74

    Name three things - 2014

    Got a full day ahead of me, but I'll keep it to 3 things: 1) Chiropractor in an hour, and I can hardly wait. 2) Go to my folks house and, once again, sort through their stuff.  There's 55 years of accumulation in a 7 room house (with a full basement, a 3 car garage, and a shed) that I have to...
  19. libby74

    Wedding Gift Ideas

    I like the ornament idea, especially if their invitation is colorful. 
  20. libby74

    Question of the Day, Friday, March 7

    I wear jeans 365 days a year.  The only times I have anything else on are weddings, funerals, and sleeping.  Love the boot cut, love a bit of stretch, and most of mine come from Walmart.   I really don't like the super stonewashed look, I prefer medium to dark blue.  I wear a pair until they are...