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  1. three cat night

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    Anne, you have posted a very helpful subject, all 3 of mine become invisible over the front door and these have great advice. Thanks , and you did it on my BD 3 cat night
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    You are a artist, do you carve wood? And paint., l love the car with the cats driving, very nice, So what does your cat look like 3 cat night
  3. three cat night

    He is 6months old & still tortures my older cats

    Dear Pandora Bear, I totally get what you are going through , and I hated having to yell no all he time , but there is hope. My big cat is finally 2 years old and it's much better than ever before. My other 2 are 12 and find him quite annoying BUT I learned some helpful tips: always feed the...
  4. three cat night

    New Owner: Question About Seperation

    Dear Blackswapper, All I can say is welcome to this great site, and I'm so happy you are happy. Cats, pets well they bring a lot of joy to us humans. Since they are still young I just hope you have a caregiver that will spend a little time with them, you know , play , pet and the usual needs. I...
  5. three cat night

    Chronic cat Bronchitis problem, need advise

    Dear catsite folks, I have a new situation I'm quite worried about. My best friend has a 1&1/2 year old cat she rescued when she was only 8 weeks old. She has just discovered that this cat has Chronic Bronchitis after taking her to a specialist when she noticed the cat was not coughing up...
  6. three cat night

    Simply Nourish cat food , new for my cats

    No this brand was so mysterious about everything I inquired about I decided not to feed my cats a any type of Simply NOurish brand. I give then mostly wet food by Nutro and BLUE dry . They like lp
  7. three cat night

    Ideas for Homemade cat toys and furniture?

    Norhany1, I take cardboard boxes from stores, and sometimes I get the big flat ones they use between stacks ( like at those big warehouse type markets ( we have Cosco). Anyway I build hideouts and with the long flat one I fold it into a triangle and duct tape it , then I put it at the top of...
  8. three cat night

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    Dear Redtop, Alabama boy is one handsome lovely cat! What is he like? I mean personality, and do you know what might be in his gene-pool? Ha ha All your cats & kitties are just precious and I love to look @ their photos. I'll send you some updates of my lil devils soon, I mean angels, you know...
  9. three cat night

    Paw pads callous

    Hey Miska, thanks for the tip, and I just ordered a new natural type ( corn is the main ingredient) litter through amazon so I expect to try it out by next week. It would be so great if this is the answer to my little guys problem pads. 3 cat night
  10. three cat night

    Help ! My 2 yr old Has water issues

    I have already posted in the cat Heath forum but thought I'd give this one a shot, My 2 yrs old cat freaks out over water, no matter what bowl type, where it's placed, He just paws all around the bowl and then pulls it until it falls over, I mean big heavy ones even, not to mention the mess is...
  11. three cat night

    Help!, 2 yr old male drinking issues

    I have wondered about that too, a few times I put an ice cube in the water, also used my finger to swirl it around and I think that just taught him to put his paw into the bowl and then he stares at his paw! I have been thinking ALOT about getting a fountain, what is your experience with them?
  12. three cat night

    Help!, 2 yr old male drinking issues

    My 2 year old male cat, Stevie has a behavior that is getting worse. When he wants a drink he goes over to the bowl which I keep clean & with fresh water , ( also extra ones upstairs) (and use stainless or glass containers) and just has to dig at it , knock it over, move it all over and...
  13. three cat night

    My kitten with a congenital heart defect

    Natalie708, My cat had a heart defect ( like yours) and that resolved over time but what developed was Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy . His heart murmur was rated but I don't recall the specifics. He took LASIX, Diliazim, spironolactone, aspirin , and Nitro ointment. Would you believe I found...
  14. three cat night

    Should I take my cat back to the shelter?

    RacHelinaz, I have never been able to find it @ Petsmart or Petco, At least in the past few years and I live in a populated area of SanDIego . Your best bet is from Amazon and it's less $ . Get the one that comes with 3 attachments on a single pole ( the original pole came in two sections...
  15. three cat night

    Paw pads callous

    Anne, thank you so much for posting the photos, I could not get my iPad to upload them, appreciate it. 3cat
  16. three cat night

    Should I take my cat back to the shelter?

    Mikes14uk, Glad we could help and you have really set up a awesome arsenal to help your cat (&you) for sure. So cute she must have looked in a pink lead, did she adjust to it right away? If so you must know something I surely don't , my cat sat down and would NOT move an inch. Hey when you get a...
  17. three cat night

    CRF kitty, made an appt to PTS. Second guessing.

    Palikakitty, Just want to wish you & Sammy a Lovely summer , it is sooooo painful and breaks our hearts when our kitties start having health issues when they are geriatric . Obviously your cats are having nice long lives and probably because you have kept them safe & loved & spoiled just as...
  18. three cat night

    CRF kitty, made an appt to PTS. Second guessing.

    Wasabipea, I just read your story and sweet little Roni, (tearing up like crazy ) is a miracle cat indeed! When I pass I want to come back as one of your cats, your love & caring is quite obvious and the little angel loves you for it. I hope you will keep us posted on her condition and yours...
  19. three cat night

    Paw pads callous

    Stephen, Thank you for the info and advice, very helpful and appreciated 3cat
  20. three cat night

    Paw pads callous

    Stephen He is indoor only, neutered, been recently to vet for a physical but dr & I didn't notice it. He is very healthy per the vet & tests. It's on all four paw pads and I will try & figure out how to send a photo too. It's not an injury. When I trimmed his nails they were kinda peeling and...