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    From overeating to anorexia

    In that pic it looks like she could be not feeling great, cats tend to pull their whiskers straight back and hold their heads down like that when they don’t feel well, and not eating is obviously also not normal. Go back to the vet!
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    IBD + Large Cell Lymphoma

    My cat recently died of gastrointestinal large cell lymphoma, he was 12. He had IBD (diarrhea mainly) for most of his life, it took a 2-3 years of flare ups to find the right way to get it under control for him but after that it was well controlled. Originally the vet did an ultrasound and...
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    Has Anyone Tried Assisi Loop Therapy?

    There have been in vitro studies that found changes in cells after applying PEMF to them, like this one: Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate normal and diabetic wound healing by increasing endogenous FGF-2 release - PubMed where they exposed human endothelial cells grown in culture to...
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    Has Anyone Tried Assisi Loop Therapy?

    Don’t spend your hard earned money on it. There’s some evidence in lab and in vitro studies that PEMF could create changes in cells, but it hasn’t translated into any good evidence that devices like the loop do anything (positive or negative) for animals.
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    Cat Spitting Up/Mini-Throw Ups

    It could be acid reflux related, you could try giving 1/4 of a tablet of pepcid (famotidine) and see if that helps at all. Sometimes vomiting itself can make the stomach inflamed and irritated which leads to more vomiting. Controlling the acid a bit with an acid blocker like pepcid can help the...
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    Cisapride, is it safe?

    Human children and cats are not the same. Tylenol for example, something children take all the time across the world for fevers, can kill cats even in small doses.
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    My cat went to the vet this morning. Is there any hope at all?

    Assuming that’s Perth, Australia it’s probably remdesivir. Vets in Australia somehow got permission to prescribe remdesivir for FIP- it’s a prodrug of GS-441524 so it works similarly.
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    Ammonia smelling urine

    I mean it could be the non-clumping litter, if little bits of pee soaked litter are getting left in the box because it’s hard to scoop every last bit when it doesn’t clump, they could start to smell more. it also might be the box, as the plastic gets scratched slightly stuff can build up inside...
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    My cat went to the vet this morning. Is there any hope at all?

    Go on Facebook and join the group FIP Warriors 5.0, they can get you all the info you need. I first joined the group when my cat was diagnosed with FIP more than 2 years ago. One of the very first success stories in the group was an oriental shorthair from South Africa with very advanced dry FIP...
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    What Causes Cat's Fur "Softness" To Vary Throughout The Day?

    Cats are much softer right after they give themselves a bath! Their fur gets rougher and a little spiky looking when it’s greasy, grooming removes the dirt and distributes the oil throughout their coat to make it much softer
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    Kitty's swollen stomach wont go down

    I’m sorry, FIP is a terrible disease. If you’re interested: FIP Is Treatable Now?
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    Cat grinding teeth (bruxism) - vet stumped

    Has she ever taken famotidine (pepcid)? Since you mentioned the omeprazole helped slightly, it could be a reflux issue. Pepcid works well for some cats, you could ask you vet about it.
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    2 weeks little food intake, 3 vet visits still inconclusive

    Have they given her an anti-nausea med? Lip smacking, tooth grinding, and sniffing food then walking away can all be signs of nausea.
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    File his teeth down?

    Like I said, this logic is a honestly concerning to me. The fact that a cat did not choose to be your pet does not mean that cutting their teeth off is incapable of hurting them. That’s completely illogical and pretty cruel. If this thread were a person it would be old enough to vote by now so...
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    File his teeth down?

    “It’s not cruel because it’s elective” I’m sorry, I know this is an ancient thread but I got a notification about this and I have to respond to this… There is no logic in this statement whatsoever. First, it isn’t elective at all from the point of view of the creature the procedure is being...
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    Phone Cord Hair Ties - Safe for cats that eat hair ties or no?

    You could try scrunchies instead. It’s very hard for a cat to eat a big chunk of fabric! Also scrunchies aren’t generally string-like enough to be exciting to cats anyway
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    Cat won't eat or drink after taking Cerenia pill

    It sounds like she’s nauseated and that’s why she won’t eat. Lip licking is often a sign of nausea in cats. The cerenia injection will have worn off by now and it doesn’t sound like any of the other pills actually made it to her stomach so if she’s still having nausea that would make sense.
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    So Punky's diarrhea was feline corona virus - now what?

    Did you adopt him from a shelter? If yes, it’s highly likely he’s already been exposed to FCOV. It’s endemic in shelters, catteries, multi-cat households, basically anywhere with multiple cats.
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    What's the best way to keep a cat from spitting out liquid medicine? - more Punky follow-up

    You could try two syringes, one with the medicine and one pre-filled with tuna-can water. As soon as you do the liquid meds (try to get it as far back as possible in his mouth), follow it with the tuna juice so he can’t spit up the medicine. Sometimes if you stroke their throat after giving meds...
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    Dry FIP

    Generally with FIP for palliative measures they’ll prescribe a steroid like prednisolone since it reduces inflammation and has the beneficial side effect of increasing appetite. Anti-nausea medication like cerenia is a good bet too since FIP commonly causes nausea. Your cat may also get fluids...