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    Feeling sad

    It’s hard. Very hard. My boy cat passed away Oct 2022. About a year after he passed I thiught I was ready to give his sister another fur friend. I left the shelter twice crying. Nope. Wasn’t ready. Went a third time. Thought I found her the perfect fur friend. He was 8. My cat is 15. So I...
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    Blood stains where cat has been laying?

    I would take him to the vet. She the pics. My cat was having very tiny blood speckles in the bathtub after drinking. I looked all in her mouth , paws, butt wondering where the heck it was coming from. Took her to Dr. it was fleas !
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    Gabapentin for cat?

    I would also like to add it stayed in her for hours. Several hours. It was scary. My cat did not respond well with that
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    Gabapentin for cat?

    My cat was given it one time and it put her in a trans like state. I stayed up all night with her thinking I was going to have to take her to the ER ( which is where she came from and that is who gave that to her ). I’m not sure if she was over dosed but I told her regular Dr to never give that...
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    New Year's - This or That 🎉

    I would rather live on the beach , eat chocolate , have soda , be the guest , party with friends and stay up late. I’m def a night owl
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    Small Cell Lymphoma, Please Advise

    Get a pet sitter. I have a pet sitter when I’m out and she has cats she has to give pills to so I trust her. Right now my cat will take a pill pocket with her meds. She sees it as a treat and she loves her treats. My cat was just diagnosed with small cell lymphoma and is currently on...
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    Small cell lymphoma in the intestines

    So how long did your cat stay on chemo ? I thiight it would stop after so many months ? Did your cat stay on prednisolon for life as well ? I’m reading staying on steroids long term isn’t good either
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    TV shows that are coming back in 2024

    I’m excited for the walking dead spin off with Rick grimes . Starts Feb 2024. Can’t wait !
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    How to reintroduce cats after a big fight?

    They are gorgeous. How do you handle all those cats lol. I would think after the kittens are gone you would introduce them like you did when you got them. Jackson Galaxy on YouTube has a ton of cat training videos. Research him. I tried introducing two adult cats before and it was a nightmare...
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    [ URGENT ] Ingested plastic of treat

    She could have a blockage. I would take her to the ER. I had a cat that would eat plastic , rubber bands , TP, paper. It was such a pain to make sure everything was locked up from TP, face tissue , grocery bags and he also ate string and one time ate his litter and part of his scratcher. He...
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    Possible IBD?

    I hate to say this but the only way to diagnose if it’s inflammatory bowel disease or lymphoma of intestine is having a biopsy of the colon. The ultrasound can’t tell and no bloodwork. My cat was just diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. All of her bloodwork is always normal but she was losing...
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    Cat introduction

    I thought introducing cats was the most stressful thing ever and I will never try that again. Ever. My boy cat passed over a year ago leaving my 14 year old ( at the time ) by herself. I waited a year and went to APL 3 times before I settled on a cat I thought might be perfect. I watched all of...
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    The Positive Thread - 2023

    I don’t think I hsve much positivity unfortunately. I had to work today , I work tomorrow , my cat isn’t eating and was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma Thursday. The only positive thing lately for me had been Starbucks
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    Small cell lymphoma in the intestines

    My 15 year old cat ( soon to be 16) was just diagnosed with small cell lymphoma of the intestines after taking X-rays , blood test , ultrasound of abdomen , CT of chest and then a biopsy performed after a colonoscopy. Thursday she was prescribed a steroid and I was told to f/ u with oncology...
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    Kitty Needs Food to Take Antibiotic, But Won't Eat

    Try the foods that are mostly broth but hsve some chicken or tuna with it. She might really like the broth and eat a little of that chicken . If that doesn’t work call the dr and tell him or her cat won’t eat. I am going through something similar right now where I have to call Dr Tuesday morning...
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    Please help with big decision

    It sounds like you have made your decision to keep her ! I would keep the appointment and if for some reason it looks like you aren’t going to get her there then call the office and tell them you can’t catch her and to cancel etc. then do the srcknd thing you suggested . Once you get the cat...
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    Jasper has IBD and now is experiencing constipation

    My cat had to get an enema about a year ago. She has anxiety so she is on anxiety meds ( which contributes to her pooping less ) but she is on gastrointestinal prescription food that help her go. She goes every 2-3 days. When she wasn’t going it was probably 5-6 days not going. I thjnk your cat...
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    Small Cell Lymphoma, Please Advise

    I feel your pain. That is where I am right now. I talk to oncology wed when they are back but Tuesday I have ti call her internal medicine Dr bc she vomited all the steroids up and vomited ever time she eats after that one Injection. She sleeps all day and isn’t eating. It’s so hard because I...
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    Small Cell Lymphoma, Please Advise

    My 15 year old was just diagnosed with small cell lymphoma of the intestines and was prescribed some kind of steroid. She vomited it all out and ever since has been vomiting anytime she eats anything except broth and chicken. She mostly eats the broth and very little chicken. Well it’s the...
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    Recovering from surgery + traveling?

    I would ask the veterinarian about keeping her two nights while you are away at one of the animal hospitals. It will cost a bit but you would have the peace of mind knowing she is in good hands !