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  1. maggie101

    Has anyone with pet strollers done walks without flea meds?

    Way too hot right now for pants!
  2. maggie101

    What's on Your Mind Thread - 2024

    I am sooo jealous! It's been 2 weeks. No one has come for my unusable stove or oven. Lots of TV dinners and delivery. Since Friday my bathroom sink has been clogged even after getting the hair out. Now only dirt comes out I took a shower and accidentally left the water running so after my long...
  3. maggie101

    Has anyone with pet strollers done walks without flea meds?

    Fleas can jump max 7 inches high,13 horizontally. If you stay on the walkway you should be fine though it doesn't hurt to buy some advantage
  4. maggie101

    Featured Cat toilet problems

    She is in pain. She needs a vet asap!!!
  5. maggie101

    Kitty cold

    Is she eating ok?
  6. maggie101

    Dental help?

    A thread was recently written about plaque off and that it didn't help. From what I was told,plaque cannot be removed except by a teeth cleaning at a vets which makes since. It's the same for people. You can rub it on her teeth and if she likes it put on a pet brush on the table then try her...
  7. maggie101

    Medium/Longish hair, summer heatwave and trimming

    I have never had a long fur cat but isn't the fur for protection? Even indoors she can still get a sun bath
  8. maggie101

    How to extend the walls of a litter box?

    Mine are storage bins
  9. maggie101

    What's on Your Mind Thread - 2024

    Power just came on. Only groceries are open. My dos computer was the first to turn on!
  10. maggie101

    Is Transfer Factor good for my cat?

    No,but interested!
  11. maggie101

    Skin regeneration

    I no longer have a scar. Just a hard lump slightly numb. Should I see a dermatologist? I want this to be gone when I have surgery July 31
  12. maggie101

    What's on Your Mind Thread - 2024

    Such bad timing! Hurricane Baryl hit land Monday morning. My preop for surgery July 31 is tomorrow,my cat was just diagnosed with cancer, I will be out of meds tomorrow. It's possible my cat can be saved with surgery but my surgery will be costly even with insurance
  13. maggie101

    Help- how to introduce new foods

    My ibd cat will only eat weruva chicken Frick a zee and weruva the double dip.not the best ingredients. Tylen did not help. She takes a probiotic adored beast feline gut sooth. No more loose stools
  14. maggie101

    IBD, poor appetite

    Hello! If your vet is open tomorrow try cerenia. That got my cat to eat.also takes a probiotic.
  15. maggie101

    Small cell lymphoma in the intestines

    I was reading on another thread about someone's cat having a mass but surgery showed no mass,inflammation instead so don't giet your hopes up!
  16. maggie101

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    Which site?
  17. maggie101

    Small cell lymphoma in the intestines

    My cat had cerenia and dmg mixed with hills a/d yesterday evening,night,and morning. No throw up and is acting her normal self. So I assume if she can eat she's not in pain
  18. maggie101

    Small cell lymphoma in the intestines

    My cat Peaches was just diagnosed with it today plus a mass in her intestines. She has not been able to digest food. Sending a sample to a lab to confirm. I bought some hills prescription a/d, vetriscience dmg,and cerenia. That got her to eat at 3 pm. It's now 9:30 and she still has not thrown...
  19. maggie101

    Toilet outside the litter box! Help please!!

    Your cat needs a urinalysis to rule out stress or it could be uti