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  1. J

    Look At This Miracle Kitty!! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    I'm so happy to hear that Sherman is still fighting. God Bless him, you and his new owner! Just out of curiosity, what is his immune disorder???
  2. J

    RAW to dry/canned - a potential killer?

    Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that Izzy is sick again. Good vibes being sent his way.... I hope he gets better soon. Keep us updated :-)
  3. J

    RAW to dry/canned - a potential killer?

    It sounds like you finally found a good, knowledgable vet. Thank God! I'm so sorry you had to spend so much money at the other one. About the raw: One of my cats, Bella, is on a raw diet because of severe inflammatory bowel disease. Raw food has literally saved her life. However, I have 3...
  4. J

    RAW to dry/canned - a potential killer?

    Please go to a different vet clinic for a second opinion. Also, have his bloodwork rechecked to see if he's still anemic. Anemia, FIP, and worms as the possibilities just don't add up! Sounds like this vet is having some serious diagnostic issues. Bring a fecal sample to the new vet so they...
  5. J

    Who's watching the World Cup soccer/football matches?

    Yeah, what the heck was that?! That was really low! And the team captain too.
  6. J

    Help! Sir Humpsalot!

    Are you sure, sure, sure he's neutered?? Is there a possibility that one of his testicles never descended and is still intact? Just something to double check. If he is really neutered, it shouldn't be possible for him to ejaculate. If he does this again try and collect a little of the liquid...
  7. J

    Broken Hip

    +1 I agree with Hissy. Being a vet tech in several amputation surgeries and seeing the results afterwards; it's amazing. Most cats feel an immense relief to have the bum limb gone and out of the way. Some cats even get up and move around in their cages before they go home! PS Hissy: the...
  8. J

    Look At This Miracle Kitty!! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    Oh no. I hope everything goes well with the surgery. Prayers and Good wishes.
  9. J

    Vibes needed please - Pebbles is having her leg amputated tomorrow

    Yes, congratulation Pebbles!!!! I'm so happy it worked out so well. Can't wait to see the pics!!!
  10. J

    Look At This Miracle Kitty!! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    Sherman is so cute! I'm sure he'll have no problem finding a loving home. He looks a lot better! He's gonna have a really cute and unique little jaw line once it's all healed. Bless him.
  11. J

    Catster/Dogster members

    Berber, Ernbern, Bellie-Bun, and Snuff are group members now See ya'll kitties on the group page.
  12. J

    Look At This Miracle Kitty!! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    How is Sherman doing? I hope he's still improving. I was wondering if the vet has him on Metronidazole too? This antibiotic is not only good for the GI tract, but it is also good for Gram Negative bacteria. I've had good luck with it in conjuction with Clindamycin or Baytril to treat stubbon...
  13. J

    Trying to suckle from our thighs at night... (I know, strange...)

    Yeah definately! He sounds really cute though! Especially the trilling and cooing. Is he a head-butter too?
  14. J

    Trying to suckle from our thighs at night... (I know, strange...)

    Bert suckled on Ernie (and tried to on my face) until not too long ago. He'll be 2 years old in a few days. Ernie won't let him anymore so he's kinda stopped. So, he's turned his suckling into licking my nose non-stop when I'm laying down. On another note about suckling: Once a client came...
  15. J

    Can I see your ID?

    When I turned 21 my boyfriend took me to Garduno's for dinner and a margarita (only 1 though cause I had an exam the next The waitress didn't even ask for my ID!!! I was like "umm don't you wanna see my ID?" So I showed it to her and she said, "Oh my gosh, Happy Birthday!" ......go...
  16. J

    To Foster or Not to Foster?

    Well, it'll definately be an adjustment for Pudge. I foster a lot and it always takes a while for my cats to get used to it. They put the new arrivals through what I like to call an "initiation stage." Right now I have two orange tabby kittens that I'm fostering. Bert and Ernie made it a...
  17. J

    Look At This Miracle Kitty!! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    I'm glad he continues to get better. Poor thing. Where did you find him at? Any idea how it happened? Just curious.
  18. J

    Look At This Miracle Kitty!! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

    OMG! God Bless that poor kitty! I'm glad he's eating again; that's amazing. Best wishes for a smooth recovery. Edit: maybe a disclaimer should be added before the pictures...some might not be able to stomach it.
  19. J

    Goodbye Willow

    Lina, I have been working so much the past few days that I haven't had a chance to get online. No words can express how sorry I am to hear about Willow. I hope you can find peace in knowing that she is watching over you now as your guardian angel. Your compassion and dedication is inspiring...
  20. J

    Broken Hind Leg!

    I'm glad she's feeling a little better. Soft tissue injuries can be very painful and take a long time to heal too. Good luck with the healing process!!