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  1. kittylove53

    Update from Angel's mommy. 😊 (Sorry, long post)

    Hi Kelly! Sorry it has taken me so long to write. After my kidney stones were removed,they lazer them and little bits come out through,a stent that was to stay in place for a few days. You don't feel it. I went to pee ,and my thumb cought onto the tape holding the stent and,it got pulled out! Of...
  2. kittylove53

    New To The Forum-from London Uk

    Welcome to you from Orange County New York! This is the best site to learn all you can about being a meowme!I have had lots of kitties,and now have three!Welcome to you and darling Pumpkin,what an apt name for such a beautiful kitty!
  3. kittylove53

    Hi From Mila’s Mum!

    Welcome to TCS! Here you will find lots of info to help you,and precious Mila! She is so beautiful,and those big eyes.Please post more pics of her as she grows.
  4. kittylove53

    Three Years Already....

    It has been two years since I lost my darling Omelette,and three years for Angel,and now Sammie has joined them.I know they are watching over us, and the love we shared with them will live on in our hearts forever.We have all been through so much in the past few years with our beloved kitties. I...
  5. kittylove53

    Geoffrey ~ Diarrhea~

    I had the same trouble trying to pill my Omelette.She was very ill with cancer.I had to block off the bottom of my bed.I used cardboard long boxes and secured them with duck tape,all along the bottom of the bed.This way I was able to get her.I would put her into a pillow case,so just her head...
  6. kittylove53

    Fly Free My Beautiful Girl

    Kelly, Again we find ourselves back on this forum.I am crying as I type this.If there was a way to get to kitty heaven, and hold Sammie in your arms again I would send you there.We will have to wait to be reunited with our beloved kitties.You gave Sammie the greatest two years she ever had.We...
  7. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    Kelly, I am so glad that she finally ate,that will give her more strength.It is so good that she still jumps up on things.You have to take it one day at a time and see how she does.I am praying for you to have a miracle.Hugs and kisses for her all the time.She knows how very much you love...
  8. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    I'm glad to hear that she is doing better for the time being.I know how much you love Sammie, and I do too.Hug and give her as many kisses as is possible.I know you will try to stay strong for her,I will be here for you.
  9. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    I am praying so hard for a miracle for you and Sammie.I am glad that she is eating more.I just can't stop crying.Love to you both.
  10. kittylove53

    My Pumps Who Loved Me So Much Is Now A Star In The Sky

    I am devastated to hear about your precious Pumpkin.I lost my Omelette almost two years ago.You did the right thing for her.She was suffering!I found out on Kelly's thread with Sammie.My heart goes out to you.I watched my Omelette suffer, and I wish I had the inner strength to have put her down...
  11. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    Kelly,seeing how beautiful Sammie is curled up on your bed,has me crying,and she let you hold her for awhile.She knows how much she is loved.Praying for you both.
  12. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    Kelly! I am so pleased to hear that Sammie is eating so well,and doing what she used to do rolling over and rubbing her face on the carpet.She looks so happy eating her food.I love her very much, and will continue to pray for you both.Thank you Antonio for remembering my Omelette.Here we all are...
  13. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    I am glad to see Sammie looking out the window.That is a good place to feed her.Omelette spent a lot of time under the beds also!I had to wait for her to come out to pill and feed her.As long as she does come out. Omelette got to the point where she just did not want to be out! I was happy when...
  14. kittylove53

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    Kelly,I know how heartbroken you feel.I have been here so very many times with all my kitties.I am praying for a miracle for both you and Sammie.I am in tears as I am feeling the impact of Sammies sickness.I wish there was some magic healing for her.I have grown to love Sammie.She means so much...
  15. kittylove53

    New Kitten, Looks Like A Ragdoll, What Does Everyone Think?

    He is adorable!I also think he is a blue point long hair domestic kitty!As he grows his coat will become more defined.He is so very cute just enjoy having him!
  16. kittylove53

    Help! Does My Kitten Look Like A Rag Doll?

    He is a beautiful kitty!If you are in love with him already perhaps you can ask her to charge a lot less! He is not a pure bread cat,and has no paperwork about him.He has no shots etc.It all depends on your feelings for him.It is however a real responsibility to take on a cat and pay so much...
  17. kittylove53

    Help! What Breed Is My Gorgeous Big Cat?

    He is absolutely stunning.He is most likely a long haired black and white domestic kitty!Enjoy every minute with him!
  18. kittylove53

    From Downunder!

    Hi Ozcat, and welcome to TCS!Tiffany and Tamzim are beautiful! I believe that TCS is stationed in the USA!We are glad to welcome you from your native Australa.You will love this site!There is so much info,and fun to be had here!
  19. kittylove53

    A Belated Introduction

    Welcome to you and your beautiful Sylvie!You will be very happy to have joined this site.Everyone here are very happy to give and share everything Kitty!Enjoy every minute of your precious Sylvie!
  20. kittylove53

    I Saw My Cat Eating Yogurt

    My two cats like Yogurt.The Tuxedo male loves it.I was so surprised that he liked it so much ,I only give a little bit and have never had a problem with it.My nine month old kitten,Smynx seems to like it too.As long as you don't give them too much it should be fine.