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    My new cat is bullying my other cats

    Your situation is very much like my current situation.  I have a male (10 yrs.) and a female (2 yrs.) who get along great.  I just took in a young (1 1/2 yrs.) female cat who was a stray.  She is so precious and sweet - I even named her "Precious" - but she became an aggressive bully when after...
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    Ear Mites - not getting good help from vet

    Have you tried Derma-vet ointment?  It's an oil-based yellow ointment my vet gave me to use on my cat's ear infection.  It worked really well.  She told me that clear water-based ear cleaners will make the infection worse.  She's right!
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    Comment by 'my buddies' in article 'Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (flutd)'

    I've had my male cat Alex on the C/D Hill's Prescription and the Royal Canin SO diet for about a year after he recovered from a serious bout of FLUTD.  I add water to his canned food.  His appetite & peeing have been great.  Lately, though, he's been licking his feet a lot more than usual and...
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    Hound and Gatos for UTI?

    Update: My cat Alex is doing fine with a mixture of Hills Urinary Tract stew and Hounds Gatos with lots of water added.  He's peeing and pooping like crazy!  He loves both foods - yay!
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    Hound and Gatos for UTI?

    My cat had a serious urinary tract infection about a year ago.  I've been feeding him Royal Canin SO (canned and dry) and Hills for urinary tract.  He eats everything with relish. I recently bought some Hounds & Gatos (wet-), but my vet said my cat couldn't have any food that wasn't formulated...
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    Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food?

    What does everyone think of Royal Canin canned and dry food? I've been feeding one cat the Royal Canin Urinary SO and Hills prescription c/d because he's prone to urinary tract infections.  The other one gets z/d for food allergies.
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    IBD kitty not feeling well

    Ask your vet for a prescription for Buprenorphine.  It's an liquid opiate.  It has to be made at a compounding pharmacy.  You can put a small dose into a syringe the pharmacy gives you and squirt it in the side of Peaches's mouth.  I had a cat years ago who was in so much pain from IBD and...
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    IBD kitty not feeling well

    You can also get a pill cutter at the drugstore and cut a 20mg tab in half. If you feel she is in pain, ask your vet to order Buprenorphine from a compound pharmacy.  You can squirt it in her mouth (from the side).  
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    odor problems following me in public from cat odor at home

    A few more ideas... Nature's Miracle also makes a fantastic kitty litter - no odor.  My cats love it.  I clean my litter boxes with white vinegar and then I spray it with Nature's Miracle stain & odor remover.  I just let it dry or lightly wipe it with a paper towel.
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    odor problems following me in public from cat odor at home

    Have you ever tried "Nature's Miracle" from Petsmart?  It's wonderful.  It's an enzyme stain and odor remover.  Whenever my cats throw up, I clean the food off the carpet and heavily spray Nature's Miracle on the spot.  Within a short time,. the stain is completely gone.  I've used it on light...
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    IBD kitty not feeling well

    I can't believe all of the typos I'm making tonight...not good for a former English teacher!  I meant to write that your cat will NOT be stressed with pain.  Good luck!
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    IBD kitty not feeling well

    A few more things about Buprenorphine... you have to get it made at a compound pharmacy.  Your vet may not be familiar with it.  My vet here in Missouri wasn't.  I had to call my former vet in Phoenix to find out about it.  It's wonderful.  It's an opiate and will make your cat very relaxed and...
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    IBD kitty not feeling well

    My vet prescribed Buprenorphine for (0.3 MG/ML) the pain for a cat I had years ago who was suffering from IBD.  I gave him oral liquid doses of 1/2 to 1 ML by mouth as needed.  He almost immediately go relief.  When one of my current cats got a terrible urinary tract infection and couldn't pee...
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    Olive oil ear mite treatment seems to be making them worse!

    My cats were scratching their ears and shaking their heads so I took them to the vet.  The vet said they didn't have mites or fleas (Yay!) but I gave them each a dose of Revolution.  The vet said it's good to use it on cats at least once/year because it will get rid of critters and deworm them...
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    My cat is doing a strange nervous twitch licking thing

    I've recently discovered a wonderful site called animalEO  for Crow River Animal Hospital in MN.  The "EO" is for "essential oils."  Dr. Shelton is a well-known vet (see her bio).  She uses & sells essential oil mixtures to treat her animal patients.  She sells something called Kittyboost that...