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    6 Month Old Cat Driving me and my Husband Insane.

    Yep, pretty much our cat too. We suddenly lost our 9-year old cat in September (surgical misadventure) and wanted another cat to keep us company (in our hearts, a house is not a home without cats!) and we picked up this lovely gray cat from the shelter. He seemed like a sweetheart but he is VERY...
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    flying cat from Singapore to NZ

    thank you. I hope she will be handled well. I've already got her Feliway Spray, hope that will work because I don't think we have Rescue Remedy here.
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    flying cat from Singapore to NZ

    The pet relo company told us she can only fly in cargo as Qantas doesn't allow pets in cabin. She needs to be flown to a rabies-free country too (will stopover in Sydney) or else MAF (quarantine) NZ will fuss about stopping by in a rabies endemic country.
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    flying cat from Singapore to NZ

    Hi guys! I am STRESSED about my cat Chomie's relocation from Singapore to NZ. Good thing Singapore is rabies-free so at least Chomie will not have to go through the whole deal of quarantine in NZ. I thought Chomie's stress day was over when she had her microchipping last week, apparently not...
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    Back to Basics cat food

    Hello all, Would like your opinion please. Has anyone tried this brand before? The ingredients sound highly natural, although my only concern is "garlic". I've read that garlic isn't good for cats. But anyway would you recommend this vs Iams or Royal Canin...
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    feline mammary tumors

    Thanks everyone. I would appreciate it Booktigger if you could repost your article for me. Yayi- QT looks so much like Beanie in that picture.
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    feline mammary tumors

    i don't know how to start this thread so please bear with me. i am currently away from home so i don't know how bad the situation is about my cat. anyway, beanie (one of my fave cat) was diagnosed with mammary tumors today. i got the BAD news from my mom today, telling me that they rushed...
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    The Kiwi has landed!

    Thanks Sam! It's really cold here in NZ!!! Hahaha, I know it's not for you locals but for me, I'm freezing! Anyway, will attend a conference in Wellington 5 weeks from now... really excited about the idea!
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    What are the strangest foods (or things) your cat will eat?

    my cats loves bread, plain noodles/pasta, corn, rice, cheese
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    The Kiwi has landed!

  11. J

    The Kiwi has landed!

    hi kellye, glad you had a safe trip. will be flying to NZ myself this afternoon! hoping for a safe trip as well! and hoping to see you & the rest of NZ TCS gang soon!
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    mouth ulcers for years

    Hi Amy, thanks! I'm not sure if the cat has been tested for FeLV but would definitely suggest it to her. Most of the cat's teeth has been pulled out and it hasn't helped any bit. Not sure if biopsy has been done since diagnostic test & vet specialist are limited here in the Philippines. Anyway...
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    mouth ulcers for years

    Hi all, writing in behalf of a friend's cat. Her cat has mouth ulcers for years now and the vet is baffled by his condition. He used to be a fat cat, but since he has ulcers, he wouldn't eat & he needs to get his steroid shots (depomedrol) every two weeks (he has been on steroids for years and...
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    I know I'm not around alot but can I ask....

    Good luck! Let us know of the good news as soon as you have it!
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    Could you guys spare a few vibes?

    wishing you luck! i actually like getting vaccinated compared to having my tooth filled. i'm deathly afraid of dentists = torture!
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    Omg Guess what!!

    that's great! hope you don't forget to actually eat, no fad diets, alright?! have you tried drinking green tea instead of coffee? it's been said (on Oprah, haha) that since green tea has caffeine too, it can replace coffee and it can also help you lose more pounds.
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    Miss to Jalapeno

    Hi Rigel! Thank you for remembering me! I'm soo touched! Really! So sorry for not visiting TCS as often as I had before, it's just that there were loads of things on my mind. One of the reasons why I kinda went AWOL was during April to June I was depressed about my job hunting, it was going...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    El DeBarge - All This Love
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    'pimples' on kitty belly

    Quick update: the kitty is fast asleep, fed him canned food 4-5 hours ago (no wonder he didn't take the bottle) and he devoured it. Looks like he's full of wormies. Clean ears, no signs of fleas but good thing my gang had their Revolution this month. Will get him dewormed probably tomorrow if...
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    'pimples' on kitty belly

    Yes but not now. I'll have to observe and see before I get him to the vets. But definitely will.