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  1. CaliCatCharlie

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, Febuary 6

    TVLine dot com Just for gossip/news on tv junk.
  2. CaliCatCharlie

    Dental Decisions - Help Pls!

    I agree with @jen above getting a cleaner sooner than later is best. Charlie is going on Friday for his first full dental. Make sure they are not factoring in extractions and meds to go w/ that. I got an estimate that is a range from $600-$900. Only if they pull something will it be more than...
  3. CaliCatCharlie

    Lets See Your Majestic/distinguished Pose!

    You guys...this whole thread is just one stunning kitty after another. I haven’t ‘awwwed’ that many times in a row...ever! Cats rock:clapcat:
  4. CaliCatCharlie

    Reading Mixed Reviews For Fancy Feast Being Good/bad For Cats With Urinary Issues

    Charlie recently had crystals. He is fine now. I feed him Fancy Feast. He would not eat the RX diet. I use this list Fancy Feast is there. You can pick and chose which types (mostly pates) are high protein and low phosphorus. I...
  5. CaliCatCharlie

    Monday's Question Of The Day - February 5, 2018

    Taller than my mom, shorter than my siblings.
  6. CaliCatCharlie

    Tokki, Tuna And Their Crazy Human (yes, The Rhyme Is Intended)

    Welcome! :wave3: This is a great place for cat parents. Your kitties sure are cute! And those snuggled up pics are too much :clapcat:
  7. CaliCatCharlie

    Lets See Your Majestic/distinguished Pose!

    @1CatOverTheLine Well, Charlie has his moments
  8. CaliCatCharlie

    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    @1CatOverTheLine Mmmm bacon! Love buying from locals. Go often to Farmers Market.
  9. CaliCatCharlie

    Name Something In Your Bedroom A-z

    Ice Cream that I am eating right now :thumbsup:
  10. CaliCatCharlie

    Cat Tongues Thursday!!!

    Extreme close up :yess:
  11. CaliCatCharlie

    Name Something In Your Bedroom A-z

    Afghan Blanket
  12. CaliCatCharlie

    Question Of The Day, Sunday, February 4, 2018

    I really miss Orphan Black! It should be time for a new season in March...that is when it will hit me...NO MORE :sigh:
  13. CaliCatCharlie

    Adventures With The Felv Fosters

    The work you do and the amazing cat world you created are so wonderful. Thanks again for taking such good care of those like Charlie :heartshape:
  14. CaliCatCharlie

    Post Your Best Cat Loaf

    Loaf in a basket
  15. CaliCatCharlie

    Cool Whip!

    I fear the answer may be- extending the shelf life. Love the stuff but it seems impervious to change :updown:
  16. CaliCatCharlie

    Television Shows A-z

    Picket Fences