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  1. firsty

    Comment by 'firsty' in article 'What’s The Ideal Temperature For A Cat?'

    My Norwegian Forest type cat wants to go out at any temp that's 10 degrees F and warmer and absolutely hates any blanket over him.  I keep my house at 62 degrees and sometimes have my wood burning stove going to 70 degrees.  I don't let him out in hot summer weather.  My short hair likes under a...
  2. firsty

    Buprenex after a premolars extraction

    Thank you for your reply. It is the same drug and he is doing much better after being on a reduced dosage. He (Pepe) is the one in the picture. As a kitten he was living in a hollowed out log with his mother and a sibling near a resort where they would come to beg for food. A friend brought him...
  3. firsty

    Buprenex after a premolars extraction

    My 10 year old cat just had a routine cleaning and a lower premolar extraction. He was given an injection of Buprenex at the veterinarian's office and follow up oral Buprenex for 5 days with the first dose the same evening. The Rx was 0.7 ml by mouth twice daily. He weighs about 15.8 lbs...