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  1. taxido

    Tortoise Shell Starting Wars in My House

    Sounds like a territorial issue to me. She is not letting anyone else into her territory. Tortoiseshell cats are not called "naughty torties" for nothing I am afraid.
  2. taxido

    why does my cat seem to have a lot of eye discharge?

    Please get him tested by the vet for the corona virus. Eye discharge and sneezing are symptoms of FIP. It may be nothing major but worth checking
  3. taxido

    RIP Spotty favourite foster kitty

    I am so sorry to hear about dear Spotty. You did the best that you could, and you certainly did not let him down. I had to make the same decision as you on Friday when my 15 year old who had never been ill was diagnosed with wet FIP. I am devastated and know how you must be feeling.
  4. taxido

    Feline Infectious Peritonitis (Wet)

    "Taxido, sorry for your loss as well. It's just an awful disease. I do want to comment on what you mentioned about Sam. While the coronavirus is where the fip originates from is highly contagious, most if not all cats at some time in their lives have contracted this mild virus. It is in an...
  5. taxido

    Feline Infectious Peritonitis (Wet)

    I am so sorry to hear this. I had my Tim, aged 15 put to sleep last Friday with the wet form of FIP. He was a semi feral cat so I think he must have had the coronavirus all his life, and it recently developed into FIP. His symptoms were exactly as you describe, and when the vet drew off...
  6. taxido

    Our Mimi Died Suddenly 4 Months Short Of Her 14th Birthday

    I am so sorry. You have nothing to feel guilty about. It sound like a heart attack. I had a cat who died in the same way.
  7. taxido

    Never seen this happen in euthanasia, need answers please. so upset.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I am also dreadfully upset as I lost my best and most favourite boy Tim, due to FIP on Friday. He had never been ill in all his 15 years, so this came as a dreadful shock, and came right out of the blue. Tim is the cat you see on my avatar. I have never had such...
  8. taxido

    Wit's End. Cat is going to have to go. Help.

    Yes I believe she has such a litter box.
  9. taxido

    Got the second kitten... but now wondering when the guilt stops?

    Glad to be of help. If you get altogether for regular playtime, you can fuss them all you want, then Archer will start to come round. He certainly won't want to miss out on any treats! Don't feel guilty, you have done the right thing, bearing in mind you are out all day. It is always...
  10. taxido

    What's the last thing you ate?

    One slice of toast with vegan spread for breakfast. Prior to that a lentil cottage pie yesterday at 6pm
  11. taxido

    Please help dying 1 year old cat

    I agree. She has had an operation that needs time to heal. She needs peace and quiet and time to rest and recover. Just keep an eye on her
  12. taxido

    Got the second kitten... but now wondering when the guilt stops?

    Introducing a new cat into a household with existing cats generally creates a few issues. I have done it several times. In the main, these are territorial. Archer considers your home his territory and so it will take time to gradually adjust to the fact that he now has to share it with...
  13. taxido

    Wit's End. Cat is going to have to go. Help.

    I appreciate what you say, but it would still be hit and miss as to whether the cat would use one. Double the amount would be necessary I think to even try and remedy the problem. Unfortunately the situation has been allowed to go on for too long which has compounded it. But at the end of the...
  14. taxido

    Wit's End. Cat is going to have to go. Help.

    I agree with what you say. However I feel that it is the only sensible option to be explored in this case. I have just read a site about the Abyssinian cat and it seems they are wonderful people cats and prefer the company of humans to their own kind. It recommended they do best as an only...
  15. taxido

    Wit's End. Cat is going to have to go. Help.

    While I take on board the sensitive issues raised here about rehoming the cat as an only cat, unless the litter box issues are resolved, what other options are there? Either fill up the house with litter boxes in the hope that the cat will make use of at least one? Clearly, from what has gone...
  16. taxido

    Rescued kitten with diarrhea - on meds - but now not eating and very quiet! Help!

    Very sorry to her about Spotty. Do you mean FIP? I cannot find anything about FPV.
  17. taxido

    My Bubby

    I think the extra weight is due to retained fluid.
  18. taxido

    Wit's End. Cat is going to have to go. Help.

    He may be a cat that will not do his business in any litter box he considers soiled in any way, even peed in. The litter boxes may not be where he wants them. He may not like the cat litter you are using. I think all this behaviour indicates stress on his part and that he would be better...
  19. taxido

    Constipation and bloated stomach

    No. He never went out ever. He was a completely indoor cat. Just goes to show what can happen doesn't it?