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    New to site breeder!

    I completely know that this site is not for selling cats. But thank you so much for making sure I know! I was referring to go kitty etc. again, thank you for your insight!
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    Mystery Illness in My Kittens

    agree with the pedigree issues. where are you getting your breeding cats from? Probably my first lesson in breeding was reputable breeders that COULD BE VERIFIED!!
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    My Siberian cat mated yet has no pinkening

    get an ultrasound! painless and will tell if she is pregnant.
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    How to get rescued cat terrified of being picked up seen by vet

    you can use a live trap easily! I have cat CBD that is magic!!
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    Maiden queen infertile?

    how old is she? healthy? did you verify the BSH stud info? where are you located?
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    New to site breeder!

    Hi everyone! I started breeding scottish folds 8 years ago and have just moved to breeding Maine Coons! I never knew this site exsisted! I am excited to find this. where does everyone post their kittens for sale?