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    Should I be giving my cats wet food as well as dry?

    Mine eat on a schedule, wet food mixed with a little kibble in the a.m., Tablespoon each of kibble around noon and wet food /kibble in the evening.
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    Cat dry food questions

    Have you asked your vet about adding canned pumpkin to his wet food to ease the constipation?
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    Best kitten food brand?

    Wet food is best.Mine do very well on Friskies and Fancy Feast pate, they have been on this diet since they were kittens. As others have said purchase what your budget allows .
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    Affordable and High quality

    Friskies and Fancy Feast pate with a little dry kibble mixed in. They are not free fed.
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    I think I made a huge mistake by shaving my cat

    I used to groom dogs and you did the right thing by getting her shaved so her skin can breathe and heal, some dogs are difficult to groom too when matted and act odd for a few days
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    DIY cat constipation remedies

    After a vet visit to rule out medical isuues, I find canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling that is already flavored, works for my cats.
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    Is my girl possibly a Chantilly-Tiffany?

    Like your slippers by the way;)
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    Is my girl possibly a Chantilly-Tiffany?

    She is very pretty, I love black cats.
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    I love Costco and shop there regularly. I get my cat litter (42 pound box) for around $12.00(,clumping litter ). I buy a lot of clothes, peanut butter, coffee, had a eye exam and ordered my glasses from the optical department also had my Covid booster at the pharmacy, they have a very good...
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    Cat always hungry

    Can you add canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling, to his wet food? It will bulk up the volume of food without adding to many calories.
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    Swallowing food whole...

    I have had very good results using a lick mat with my cat who ate very fast and then vomit a few minutes later.
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    Cat sudden death - heart murmur

    So sorry for your loss, we too lost a cat a few years ago to what the emergency vet suspected was a bad heart, our cat Jack literally dropped dead next to us in the kitchen he was fine one minute gone the next. Please don't blame yourself.
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    Since dry food isn't good for cats, can I just add water?

    I always say feed what you can afford and your cat will eat without causing you to tear your hair out with frustration. Mine eat Friskies and Fancy Feast pate mixed with kibble,they are doing very well ,but as others have said what works for my cats might not work for you.
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    Best Water for Cats

    Mine drink tap water
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    Fish Free Kitten Food

    Cute kitten! I never fed kitten food to my two boys just for the record. Enjoy you new addition.:D
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    Transitioned to new food - they don't like it

    You might want a second opinion from a different vet.
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    Fished a kitten out of our pool last Monday. Need some advice.

    Enjoy, she is a cutie, I have two black cats myself,brothers. Does she have a name?
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    I never see my kitten drink water

    My two eat canned food exclusively. I see William drink from the bowl on occasion, his brother Elliott I have only seen drink twice in the three years we have had them.
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    Cat food recommendations for hard times

    Tractor Supply has a house brand too.