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  1. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    How does your cat wake you up

    My cat used to pat my nose with his paw to wake me up.
  2. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    The 2022 Gardening Thread

    I have a bunch of pepper plants, carrots, potatoes, peanuts, one tomato plant that is struggling to grow, and had corn growing, but the crows ate them all!
  3. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2022

    Their is one roaster that is about 35mins away, but otherwise I order my coffee online from small businesses. I haven't been to a starbucks in years lol, closest one is 45mins away.
  4. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2022

    What's on my mind? Thinking of business stuff, working on graphic design for labels, and thinking of ways to get my shop more publicly known. :geekcat:
  5. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2022

    I love medium roasts, low acidity. Always add cream and sugar to my cup. I love to support small coffee roasters.
  6. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    Just created this cause it made sense

    I tried to walk my cat on a leashed harness haha, but all he wanted to do was lay down and roll around on the grass. :lol:
  7. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    Introducing myself and my fur baby!

    Awww such a sweetheart and a fighter! Gingers are the sweetest, my previous cat was also a ginger tabby, but sadly passed away from kidney failure :-(
  8. TabbyCatCoffeeCo

    Hi All!

    I haven't been on a message board in years, and was thinking if they were even still around. So I did a search and am so happy that they are in fact still popular and that their is a fun cat forum! Who here has any cute kittens to show? Am hoping to adopt two kittens within a year or so...