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    Letter From A Cat

    Amazing. People really don't think about this.
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article '9 Luxury Cat Beds That Will Make Your Kitty Purr With Joy'

    Wow! I think all my cats would love every single one of these. But the prices--:gaah:
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    Do You Read Books Featuring Cats?

    I tried the first book of the Warriors series, and I think I'm one of the "more sensitive" people! I really like What Your Cat Knows by Sally Morgan. It has really simple "tests" you can do with your cat, a big feature I love, and goes over some really cool cat stuff without being super...
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article 'Quiz: What Should Be Your Cat's Title?'

    I did it just for Whiskers and Greyson. Whiskers is Queen Whiskers, which was completely expected. That favorite food question was a no-brainer since yogurt is her absolute favorite food! Greyson is Major General Greyson. Lol! :lol:
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    The World From Your Cat's Point Of View

    Whiskers and your cat would get along quite well--those first three sentences are exactly what she would say!
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    I Am Thankful For...

    Whiskers is thankful for her alone time--those precious moments where she gets all the attention! Greyson is thankful for his favorite sleeping spot under our dining room table. Cher is thankful for what separates her from the "scary" outdoors, aka the screen and glass door. Sonny is thankful...
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article '17 Cool Trivia Facts About American Cats'

    Cool! An extra fact is on the subject of number 9. The Dutch Embassy in Moscow, Russia had (or has, I don't know how long ago this happened) a few cats that kept on scratching at the walls. Their initial thought was that they had a rodent problem, but found out that there were microphones in the...
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    Who Would You Choose As Your Cat Partner?

    I love Purrloin and Liepard. They look like they could be typical cats--always acting regal and elegant, but really just sweet, funny creatures! I have barely any Pokemon experience, so this is pretty much based on looks. But Meowth is pretty cute, too, and there's just something about Skitty...
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article 'The Cat Color & Breed Quiz'

    83%! I'm surprised. I guessed on a few!
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    The World From Your Cat's Point Of View

    I thought that this forum would be perfect for this! Describe something from your cat's point of view. Just give their name and just let the words follow. If your kitty does something peculiar or funny, describe it from their point of view! Here's mine, in my cat's Greyson perspective. And...
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    How Did You Name Your Cats?

    Well... Whiskers--She is simply named for her best feature, her whiskers. I almost named her "Mittens", but I'm happy I didn't because of the tough-cat personality she has. "Mittens" doesn't fit that! Miss Stache--She is a calico who was born with a mustache, and being the "inventive" (not...
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    What Is Your Cats Favorite Toy?

    Whiskers isn't very playful, but she does like any catnip themed toy! My mainly outdoor cats-Pink Nose, Black Nose, Sonny, and Tigger--just prefer to use the little huts I've set up with toys on them or anything out in nature. My mainly indoor cat, who is very scared to go out, is named Cher...
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    How Many Cats Do You Have?

    @apyles I'm a little like your friend! I have nine kitties in all. Whiskers came first, and now she's three years old. Then we took in a pregnant mom who had a whopping eight kittens, which all survived and are here today. Whiskers is a bit grumpy, but for the most part, my cats are pretty...
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article 'Let Us Guess Your Age By Your Preferences In Cats!'

    6 years older than I really am! Oh you, @Seventhheaven
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article 'Quiz: Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?'

    Definitely a Crazy Cat Lady! Oh my gosh!
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    Comment by 'shadowkitty10' in article 'Are You An Expert On Newborn Kitten Rescue?'

    I actually rescued one of my cats as a one week old kitten. She was left outside in our backyard, and we heard some loud meows. We went outside, and there she was! We bottlefed her back to health, and since she could never survive outside again, we kept her.