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  1. Maurey

    Does your cat vocalize whenever he/she jumps?

    On the off chance it might be pain related, would be worth mentioning to a vet. Unlikely, given it's his entire life, but best safe than sorry.
  2. Maurey

    What are your cat's colors?

    My two look great in light blue and green :) You can really tell one of them is more photogenic outside than the other LOL Jum likes to move a lot, so she's harder to snap pics of.
  3. Maurey

    Turkish Van?

    TV's distinct traits are less about their markings (which any cat can have) and more about their unique head and ear shape (which fewer cats share). While unusual, some cats, regardless of breed, are known to love water; it's in no way indicative of breed. The vast majority of cats have...
  4. Maurey

    Persian Coat... Is it Reverse Shade/Smoke, Black, or something else?

    I would wait to see what happens in coming months, personally, if you're planning on keeping them/selling with breeding rights. Fever coat can develop in kittens that weren't born with it. Was the queen ill or stressed during her pregnancy? When did the tips appear? How old are they now? It...
  5. Maurey

    freeze dried products

    Oh wow, not been here for ages! I'm not sure about duck feet, honestly. Would depend on both the size of the feet, and the size of your cat.The best dental treat is raw gizzard. You could get turkey or duck, if it's available to you. Freeze-dried wise, I'm honestly unsure what would retain the...
  6. Maurey

    Originally thought snowshoe but now wondering if chimera or mosaic?

    Blue tortie point and white, domestic shorthair. No particular breed or mix of breeds. Not a chimera. Split faces in torties are common.
  7. Maurey

    I think my cat is a bombay

    Black domestic shorthair, no particular breed or mix of breeds. Cute kitty, but has no Bombay traits.
  8. Maurey

    Dry Fur in Winter

    Only one I’ve used that’s definitely available in the US is Groomer’s Goop 5 in 1 spray
  9. Maurey

    Chrondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid supplements - Can these cause kidney problems

    I’d just try fish oil. Nordic Naturals has a cat-specific fish oil that’s highly recommended :)
  10. Maurey

    Help! What Breed is my cat?

    She’s most likely a blue point DSH, no particular breed or recent breed ancestry, like the vast majority of cats. She doesn’t have any traits that would point to recent BSH ancestry. She’ll have a Siamese or Thai-origin ancestor somewhere, as that’s where the point gene originated from, but...
  11. Maurey

    What do you think of this puzzling cat color. Genetic test results inside.

    Basepaws is known to be very inaccurate, so I’m not surprised :) let us know what the WGS says!
  12. Maurey

    Is my kitten pure Scottish Fold?

    Do you have her pedigree and papers? Dad looks like a BSH from what I can tell on the photo (which is a permitted outcross for Scottish folds), and mum looks like a Scottish Fold Longhair. They’re not the best type/confirmation (they’re very pet class and shouldn’t have been used for breeding...
  13. Maurey

    Blood test any fasting tips?

    You can ask your vet to show you how to safely syringe water into her cheek pouch. I wouldn’t give tuna water before a test, personally.
  14. Maurey

    What do you think of this puzzling cat color. Genetic test results inside.

    Where did you get her genetically tested? Chances are the test is just wrong. Some are known for low accuracy. Much more likely than a random mutation, especially as there are other pointed kittens in the litter. Phenotypically, she’s a seal silver lynx tortie with white. I was initially...
  15. Maurey

    What kind of tabby is this?

    Black mackerel tortie tabby domestic shorthair.
  16. Maurey

    Will my cat be long haired?

    Red tabby domestic longhair, no particular breed or mix of breeds :) gorgeous little thing
  17. Maurey

    What does she look like?

    Black tortie tabby domestic shorthair. Like the vast majority of cats, no particular breed or mix of breeds. Adorable little girl! :)
  18. Maurey

    Dry Fur in Winter

    Coconut oil won’t do much for cat’s skin, sadly. It’s great for soothing the gums, but won’t do much for the skin, unless applied topically. Your best bet is fish oil and using some leave in conditioning spray (for cats) when you brush him.
  19. Maurey

    Ragdoll kitten weight.

    As long as he’s otherwise healthy I wouldn’t worry, personally. It’s common for large breed kittens to grow in fits and starts. If there’s anything else concerning you that may be tied to his weight (body condition, eating habits, energy levels, litter box), it’s worth consulting with a vet.