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  1. C

    frontline plus for dogs

    use a syringe (without needle). I get mine from my rescue group, but I'm sure they must be available, maybe even at a pet store.
  2. G

    Is deworming necessary for an indoor cat?

    Cats can also get roundworms from roaches that are carrying roundworm eggs. Indoor cats as well as outdoor cats. I always look at my (3) cats stools when I scoop their litter boxes because we have had round worms and all 3 are indoor only cats.
  3. sam837

    help please

    @orientalslave thank u
  4. happyliz

    would she be considered a tabby?

    Thanks for clearing it up (:
  5. happyliz

    would she be considered a tabby?

    Yes it's a happy face just the other way lol
  6. sam837

    help please

    @ Orientalslave i got panacur tab, my one friend has, please guide me how to use it for my mom cat and her kittens
  7. catwoman707

    mother and son, mother in heat

    Oh and Orientalslave, you are correct, oops, wrong animal, that would be dogs! 
  8. paowee martinez

    What Breed is My Cat?

    Oh Thanks is it like Oriental Shorthair?
  9. C

    Indoor cat wants out.

    Cause I am right there watching yet. She is inside when I am not home.
  10. M

    The Name is Cat, or mollismama

    I understood :)
  11. harleydiva

    Cat Show in South Bend

    I spent the afternoon looking at OS breeder  
  12. missymotus

    The Name is Cat, or mollismama

    All my breeding cats must be broken ;)
  13. catspaw66

    Could someone please tell me what breed is this cat?

    Thank you, I knew I could count on you to correct me.
  14. M

    Tabby, Torbie or Calico?

    Sorry OrientalSlave~ I am not aware of all specifics in registering with. different registries in the UK
  15. dejolane

    Giving a cat a bath

     OrientalSlave, I just thought a cat needed a bath every now & then How can this be a nosey question ? dejolane
  16. adelejackson

    Chinchilla Persian Expert Needed

    Thanks OrientalSlave, I'll do just that. I've got back in touch with the lady that I bought Sofia from and she got straight back to me, so I take back my last comment.   Thanks for the advice everyone. Adele
  17. missymotus

    Tabby, Torbie or Calico?

    Same with Au associations....