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  1. mrsgreenjeens

    Sheba Alternative

    OK, since money is an issue, it recently came to my attention that Temptations has a food now, and they do have a seafood "cuts in gravy" that might work. It's available at grocery stores and Walmart and is in a 3 oz tub for around $ .75. Less expensive than any cat food I've seen lately...
  2. mrsgreenjeens

    Sheba Pate Alternative

    Personally, I don't think Sheba pate is a bad food. It doesn't contain wheat or soy or potatoes or other stuff that cats don't need. Sure, it could be better, but a lot of cats won't eat the "high quality" cat food. I would feed it to my cats if they would eat it, but they won't., although...
  3. mrsgreenjeens

    Sheba Alternative

    Since they seem to know what they want, why not just give them more of the Sheba? I don't know how much of it you serve them per meal, but perhaps open up another single serving and split it between the two of them? Or feed them one additional meal per day?
  4. mrsgreenjeens

    Is it TRUE Early detection of CRF / KIDNEY FAILURE -CURRABLE? I've heard this more than once! If it IS POSSIBLE > WHAT do I do?

    OK, thanks. That is the one I had seen. None of my kidney cats ever got anemia, thankfully, so it wouldn't have benefited them, but I know a LOT of cats should benefit from this, not just kidney cats. BTW, hope your migraine is gone. I get them too and they are miserable. Then I take...
  5. mrsgreenjeens

    Dental issues in senior cat w/ heart murmur

    You might try feeding her something entirely different from her normal wet food, maybe a different brand or different texture or different protein. She may be associating her old food with mouth pain so be hesitant to eat because of that. Just a guess, but worth a try. I'm so glad she came...
  6. mrsgreenjeens

    Is it TRUE Early detection of CRF / KIDNEY FAILURE -CURRABLE? I've heard this more than once! If it IS POSSIBLE > WHAT do I do?

    Where are you getting this information? I have searched the internet and am finding things about an anemia drug coming out in 2025 that will be an oral drug, and a kidney drug that may be available next year that will be an injection, but can't find anything about how often it needs to be...
  7. mrsgreenjeens

    Lump after first vaccination

    One time one of my cats did get a lump soon after getting his rabies vaccine, and the Vet said to monitor it. It DID go away, thankfully. Seems like it took about a month though, before it was gone. Hoping the same things happens with your little one.
  8. mrsgreenjeens

    Skin issue mystery

    It's really impossible to know what is causing this, but most definitely could be stress. While chamomile tea will not help with stress, you can try brewing up some (use tea bags from the store), then after it cools, dab some on the area with a clean cloth. You can do this several time a day. It...
  9. mrsgreenjeens

    Low calcium diet

    I really don't think you will find too many manufactured cat foods that are low in calcium because manufacturers are required to put X amount of it in the food in order to pass the AAFCO guidelines. BUT, there are medications that can be prescribed for hypercalcemia. If I were you, I would...
  10. mrsgreenjeens

    HT cat with urinary issues

    Oh! She is absolutely beautiful :loveeyes:. Fingers crossed the Hills C/D does the trick.
  11. mrsgreenjeens

    Cat is dangerously overweight!

    Here are a couple articles on changing food and putting them on scheduled meals. I'm guessing she is already on scheduled meals or she wouldn't need to beg for food, but am including it anyway.
  12. mrsgreenjeens

    Need advice for a non-grain food

    I"m so excited that she actually ate something other than the Meow Mix. There is hope for her afterall :lol:
  13. mrsgreenjeens

    Need advice for a non-grain food

    She is adorable :loveeyes: It may not be the food that is causing her it itch. It could be anything, really. I know you said your home environment is "allergy free", but how is that possible? Some cats are even allergic to dust mites. How do you keep dust out of your home. I have three air...
  14. mrsgreenjeens

    Not sure how to proceed

    Did your Vet give you any anti-nausea meds for her? How about discussion on syringe feeding her? With fatty liver, normally cats needs to be on anti-nausea meds, liver supplements, and either are syringe fed or have a feeding tube to ensure they get sufficient nutrition. Some cats also...
  15. mrsgreenjeens

    Itching spot

    I have not heard of a cat with stud tail scratching in another area to get relief, but I suppose it's possible. When you brush him twice daily, are you paying particular attention to the base of his tail where the mild stud tail is? Since it's an over abundance of oil in the skin that causes...
  16. mrsgreenjeens

    Oral cancer gums bleeding

    That is great news that he has even gained weight and continues to eat! Hoping for many more days/weeks/months (?) with your little guy.
  17. mrsgreenjeens

    Temptations Pate in Gravy (mini Review)

    Interesting. Temptations is certainly branching out. I have been buying their lickables since they are less expensive than Churus, but had no idea they also sold actual food. Thanks for the info.
  18. mrsgreenjeens

    Dr. Elsey's Formula Change

    I live in the U.S. and can find First Mate at my local pet food store. NOT a big box store, but a small store. You might see if a local store can order it for you, or even call the mfr and see if they would send you a sample bag first. If you go to their website, you can key in your zip code...
  19. mrsgreenjeens

    Diarrhea in 2 yr old cat

    It's possible there was a formula change in that food. Happening with some frequency lately, at least with wet food...not sure about dry, but probably.
  20. mrsgreenjeens

    Diarrhea in 2 yr old cat

    In the meantime, in case your Vet isn't open on the weekend, you can try giving him some plain yogurt since it has live cultures in it that might help the issue. It has helped my cats in the past when they've had diarrhea, although they never had it for 3 straight days (possibly because I gave...