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    A Substitute Medication For Cisapride

    Ask about Reglan. It's a gut motility stimulator.
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    Is Liver Really Bad For Cats?

    Most liver you buy from your average grocery store has been prepped with garlic and onion.
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    Aggressive Cat

    Sounds like your average un-neutered Tom cat. With their I love you, I hate you mood swings. Couple things we need to know first! How old is he, when was he neutered, and do you have other pets.
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    Large Cell Lyphoma Help

    That depends on how much you want those extra months. It's a gamble either way. No matter what you do he's unlikely to survive the year. If it was me knowing that this was it, I'd probably just do the palliative care and maybe add on an opioid like codeine and gabapentin for potential break...
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    Just Desexed, A Few Health Concerns.

    .. and a chest x-ray.of his lungs.
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    Just Desexed, A Few Health Concerns.

    I'd be pretty concerned about Bandit as well. This needs to be addressed. I'd suggest going back to your vet for an exam and some blood work.
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    Help Urgent Pregnant Cat Acting Strange

    Something like this was outside the help of anyone but an emergency vet. It's just a very drawn out and sad way to die. I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Cat Litter Expert Here... Ask Me Anything.

    So I've always used wheat litter until the kittens are 8 weeks or so then switched to clumping. They like to eat it when their first learning and I'm terrified it with interact with the water in their stomach and clump, causing a blockage. My question is how realistic is this fear. Does...
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    I Made My Cat Go Away After A Fight :'(

    I too have been severely maimed by one of my cats. I ended up getting an infection and had to go to a wound care hospital several times a week for months. It to was a case of redirected aggression and with time and patience both cats were able to coexist peacefully.. and I healed. That being...
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    I Need Advice On Wanting My Cat Back!

    This bullying is completely natural behavior as well. If you do get her back then theirs things you can do to bring back the peace. Such as adding more vertical surfaces such as cat trees.
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    Large Cell Lyphoma Help

    Im sorry to hear that Chief is doing badly. This is a fatal diagnosis, which ever way you go. Their are however pain medication's and treatments that can increase the quality of life for the time he has left. I'd suggest going to a hospice and palliative care vet to discuss your options.
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    Help Urgent Pregnant Cat Acting Strange

    This is a very upsetting thread. The whole thing needs to be removed.
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    13 Year Old Voice Has Changed

    You should think about getting a URI panel done. There's a range of bacteria and viruses that can cause laryngitis.
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    Uri That Wont Go Away. Nasal Flush Next Step?

    That's where the sensitivity test comes in. Instead of guessing it tells you exactly which antibiotic will do the job.
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    Benadryl And Cats

    Benadryl tastes horrible to cats. Sometimes they'll froth and foam at the mouth. I had mine compounded into a chicken flavor for my boy that has allergies to grass. It's mildly affective but I take measures to reduce his exposure as well like changing outside after yard work.
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    She Peed On Me While I Was Sleeping !!!!!

    It sounds to me like you are a cat person and didn't know it. Lol. That's alot of changes to her territory in a short amount of time. It may have contributed to your pee covered foot situation. Put a waterproof protector on the mattress for now so that it's easy to clean up and the pee doesn't...
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    Kitten Emergency - Possible Link To Profender Overdose

    It is very possible that the symptoms she experienced in February we're the result of an overdose. That however has nothing to do with what's going on now. Your kitten has a severe infection of some kind, her immune system is either not responding or has been overwhelmed. I hope you find the...
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    Uri That Wont Go Away. Nasal Flush Next Step?

    There's a bacterial sensitivity test you can get done. Your vet can take a culture and send it to idexx labs who will grow it and then hit it with different types of antibiotics until they find one that works.
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    Cat Owners: What is the most ANNOYING thing, and what is your BIGGEST FEAR about owning a cat?

    The most annoying thing to me is when they rip stuff up. They ripped the covers off my bed, ripped through the waterproof protector, and then ripped a hole in the bed and pulled the stuffing out. I put the stuffing back in but my arm still gets caught in the indent. All this while I was at the...
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    Im Very Confused And Concerned About My 9 Year Old Kitty.

    She's peeing herself? I'd get her into the vet for blood work and a full exam. See if you can get a fecal sample to take with you and if your extremely lucky maybe even a urine sample. I don't think this is a behavioral issue because the urine smell suggests she's peeing on herself which is not...