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    Remember Docktor Pet Centers?

    I don't remember names of the places, but I do remember pet stores that had puppies. I don't think I ever saw cats, really. Nowadays, though, the local pet supply store brings in a cat or two at a time from the animal shelter--not for sale, but there is an adoption fee involved. They keep a...
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    Question of the Day Friday 17 May, Late Edition

    Warm spinach-artichoke dip is so good.
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, May 15, 2024

    Email first, text next. Face to face, phone calls last. I'm discovering that I'm mildly hard of hearing, so written forms work best for me.
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    That is me, too--B2 if only one, B2 last if I get to eat them all.
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    Question of the Day - Monday, May 13, 2024

    I was the smallest kid in the class, the last one picked ... I hated all the games for PE and never played any at recess (that was me, over on the corner of the blacktop where it was broken, engaged in my imaginary story that I'd write about the "leaf people" (who were basically like The...
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    Who still eats mcdonalds kentuky fried,etc ?

    I still do like KFC, but I am very disappointed that the potato wedges were removed from the menu. Still, there are times when I just have a craving ... Never was a fan of McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees ... very once in a while, but that's been years now.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, 10 May, 2024

    Bamboo sheets. Yes, I could have other sheets and probably buy at least five sets for the same money as one set, but I absolutely adore the feel of my bamboo sheets.
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    Ruby – 3,830 days was not enough

    I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a lovely lady, and I know it's just never long enough.
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    Can Outdoor Rescues Ever be Content Indoors

    I have two former feral boys who were brought inside when they were approximately 6mo old. They are now about 4 years old (they came from different litters, but I think the mothers were littermates--mother of one disappeared, but of the other two females, they were TNR'd and still show up for...
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    Choose One - Cookie Edition 🍪

    Good answer!
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    Question of the Day, May 1, 2024

    method brand all-purpose cleaners for general cleaning, method glass cleaner, method hand soap and dish soap ... I have extremely sensitive skin, and method brand doesn't aggravate those issues, cleans really well, and has a number of scents that I really enjoy (not just the usual citrus or pine).
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    Choose One - Cookie Edition 🍪

    In order of preference: snickerdoodle, shortbread (other), butter cookie (another other--homemade, accept no substitutes), spritz (another 'other'), chocolate chip, peanut butter, red velvet. No sad raisin surprises in cookies for me, though.
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    Question of the Day, Sunday April 28th

    They're very flexible. I think ingredient most of all. One of my favorite recipes is a baked bean recipe that uses five types of beans (I changed out two from the original recipe because I don't like lima beans and I thought great northern were a bit redundant). So the five beans are the pork &...
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    2024 Feline Birthday & Gotcha Day!

    What a sweet girl ... hope you have many returns of the day.
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    Choose Two - Favourite Spring Flowers 🌷

    Hyacinth and snowdrops
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    I think 2 is my method: fold in half (long side halved) and then in thirds.
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    You receive a box of assorted chocolates....

    I'm another who saves favorite for last. And also one who would toss the ones with coconut. Assuming dark chocolate (because anyone who knows me well enough to get me a box of chocolates would know this), I'd start with the molasses chew, and end with the caramels.
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, April 24, 2024

    My children gifted me with a box set of all the episodes on DVD ... so now I get to have a marathon whenever I want (and not miss episodes because I have to sleep or go to the bathroom ...)
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, April 24, 2024

    Twilight Zone (the old Rod Serling original), which my dad was a big fan of, too.
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    Expected and not ...

    She was adopted in the summer of 2014 (from the same rescue where I got my first four--of whom only one remains with me--TV, a black and white girl who is probably Autumn's daughter).