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  1. jasei santiz

    Comment by 'jasei santiz' in article 'The Mystique Behind Black Cats'

    @lbailey im sry to hear about your cat, my condolences i remember when i lost my Rex, i was depressed for so ling i loved that cat and i can only imagine how you feel after having him for so long  
  2. jasei santiz

    Comment by 'jasei santiz' in article 'The Mystique Behind Black Cats'

    @clarence64 im so sry to hear bout Midge I hope he comes back soon i lost a cat like that a looong loong time ago my first cat, before i got my black cat Rex, now with my cat Cheetos hes a completely an indoor cat, but again i hope he gets back home safe 
  3. jasei santiz

    Comment by 'jasei santiz' in article 'Why Do Cats Knead'

    @PennyWise Aww yea my Cheetos can be like Schnitzel
  4. jasei santiz

    Hello all or MEOOWW :P

    yes hes a cute lil guy :) yea his tail was the first thing we notciced different when we got him we all looked and my mom was the first to say his tail is different ive never seen a tail like that on a cat ... n we knew we had a special cat.. which we all adore here at my household  AND THANK...
  5. jasei santiz

    Maned kitties

    awww hes awesome, i love his tail as well its so fluffy, what breed is Tophel, he has a very impressive mane going there 
  6. Hello all or MEOOWW :P

    Hello all or MEOOWW :P

  7. jasei santiz

    Hello all or MEOOWW :P

    Hi im new to the site, i have a 4 yr old fluffy orange cat named Cheetos he is my lil bud, i love the cat so much! hes my painting assistant since im an artist, we rescued him from someone who had a litter to give away and well he was the unwanted kitty outta the bunch, my lil sister brought him...
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    cheetos sleepy heads.jpg

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    el gato forlàn.jpg

  14. Maned kitties

    Maned kitties

  15. jasei santiz

    Maned kitties

    aww those two cats have awesome manes!! :) heres my cheetos and his lil mane :3
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  17. jasei santiz

    Could you ID your own cat ?

    ok :)
  18. jasei santiz

    Could you ID your own cat ?

    No dnt cut their whiskers!!
  19. jasei santiz

    Cat-related Pet Peeves - let's vent!

    my pet peeve is when i say i have a cat proudly...and you get that...."oh your'e a cat person" a negative tone, ...IM PROUD TO BE A CAT OWNER.. but just hate when people say that to me in that way..i guess i live in the wrong area full of cat haters or something lol 
  20. jasei santiz

    Heart broken and need help with my new addition. Thanks in advance.

    I had a friend of mine that went through the same situation. Her older cat was feeling very anguish towards the fact there was another cat around. From what she told me they just ended up getting use to each other.  but at first they fought a lot and he (older cat) was very antisocial but in...