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  1. crazycatlass

    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    I've got a calico and two orange kitties to share! My secondhand calico, Callie-Anne. (She peacefully crossed the bridge in '09 - cancer. It was quick, and she had a happy life before it.) The black markings around her eyes looked like winged eyeliner or thick black eyelashes; when she closed...
  2. crazycatlass

    Our cat with megacolon is stumping our vet. What now?

    I wish that headline was a joke but, unfortunately, it's no laughing matter. I hope someone has some advice on where to go next. A little background so this makes sense. Our boy Skidd was a very gassy kitten who became a gassy juvenile, then a gassy adult; he started developing problems with...
  3. crazycatlass

    Self-cleaning litter boxes worth it?

    My partner and I are looking for a second automatic litter box and I'd much appreciate any and all recommendations. Details: We have two indoor-only cats and live in an apartment. The older cat, Goldie, is a senior, weighs over 16 lbs and is about the size of an infant, arthritic, and prone to...
  4. crazycatlass

    Continuing Problems With Constipated Kitteh - Are We Medicating Him Improperly?

    First off, thanks carolcatone and di and bob for offering your advice here! Carolcatone, I wouldn't say we're going through Hell, per se - more like the a-bit-warmer-and-muggier-than-comfortable hike down TO Hell. :think: Skidd IS doing a bit better on the Lactulose but it's not working...
  5. crazycatlass

    Does Your Cat Wear Clothes?

    Skidd gets anxiety sometimes when his people's routines change. (Holidays, stress, unusually busy, etc) We read about using Thunder Jackets for pet anxiety and tried out a tiny hoodie on him; lo and behold, it worked and he loves it! We ended up picking up this tiny adorable "Bomber Vest" for...
  6. crazycatlass

    Continuing Problems With Constipated Kitteh - Are We Medicating Him Improperly?

    So, long story short, we've been having problems with our younger cat Skidd for a good while now. (several previous posts on it, in fact.) Skidd will be fine for a while then get constipated, blocked up, and end up 'losing it' at the worst possible time. It's incredibly painful for him and...
  7. crazycatlass

    Sleeping Cats!

    Shown are Goldie Fox - Left, dozing - and Skidd Rowan - right, passed the heck out with his entire back side in the air, practicing for the 'snore-lympics.' No, his backside and legs weren't propped against anything. Yes, he was curled into a ball VERTICALLY with his forepaws curled up like a...
  8. crazycatlass

    Comment by 'crazycatlass' in article 'Do Indoor-only Cats Need Rabies Shots?'

    Just pointing this out, but a bat is more likely to get into your home by other means than through a window. The most common culprits seem to be the attic, through the chimney, and doors. My folks had a bat come in through their chimney once after some birds damaged the smokestack screen. They...
  9. crazycatlass

    Show me your eyes

    Cat eyes never cease to amaze me, either! Here're a few I've been blessed with! My baby Skidd's vibrant copper-orange eyes... ...his big sis Goldie's clear jade eyes ... IMG_2075.JPG by crazycatlass posted Feb 29, 2016 at 2:37 PM late baby Baxter's soft hazel-green... IMG_0502.JPG by...
  10. crazycatlass

    Looking For Advice Regarding Skittish Cat

    Specifically, our male cat, Skidd. It's normal for kittens to experience the always-amusing 'jump through the roof' reaction, but most cats grow out of it. Skidd never grew out of's actually gotten worse. Our vet has actually prescribed him medication for anxiety because he's so...
  11. crazycatlass

    My Cat Always Has To Sniff My Drink Before I Take A Sip.

    Sounds like she has a lot of character! ;) Just pointing out a more humorous spin on this: she's your faithful shadow, and so may have taken it upon herself to be your personal 'drink inspector.' At one time, royalty had personal food testers - a person who tried their food first to see if it...
  12. crazycatlass

    Comment by 'crazycatlass' in article 'Cat Bites - What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know'

    Cat bites are nothing to sneeze at, but there's another step that will help prevent infection: let it bleed freely for a while before you clean the wound. It sounds counterproductive, but three separate instances have led me to this belief, along with the advice of a family member who spent many...
  13. crazycatlass

    Spoiled cat demands attention, strikes back by 'bombing' the floors

    We FINALLY found the answer!!! Yep, it's been ages since I was on here, and in that time, we finally figured out the story behind Skidd's bathroom issues. Here's the story. Our usual vet wasn't able to figure anything out and didn't seem too inclined to fix the problem, so we had an appointment...
  14. crazycatlass

    Spoiled cat demands attention, strikes back by 'bombing' the floors

    UPDATE: As mentioned, we took Skidd to the vet 'just in case;' we have a plan with them, so the visit was free anyhow. The vet checked everything including glands--there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. It is most definitely a behavioral issue. We've picked up a Feliway diffuser and are...
  15. Cat grass

    Cat grass

  16. crazycatlass

    Cat grass

    I recently started keeping Petlink cat grass on hand for our little terrors and have yet to have any problems with it, despite all the setbacks I expected to encounter. My family has a rather small apartment with only a couple windows and doesn't get much sun. It's also very humid even in the...
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  19. crazycatlass

    The heartwarming story of Baxter Lee: I saved him, then he saved me.

    Thank you, RuthM. He was an amazing cat, though I'm pretty partial myself, honestly. :) So many times we'd have people come by and get swarmed by Baxter demanding attention, and they'd remark that they'd never met such an outgoing cat--It always tugged my heartstrings to see him so outgoing...
  20. crazycatlass

    Spoiled cat demands attention, strikes back by 'bombing' the floors

    Excellent advice,LykaKitty. :) I do have some questions, though...we have an apartment with limited space, and the only rooms with doors are the den, bathroom,and bedroom. Whenever Skidd gets too rough with Goldie, we usually put him in his crate for a while to calm down--works like a charm, and...