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  1. mackiemac

    Rest in peace, Schrödinger (6/19/2005-6/25/2021)

    We said goodbye to our beloved Schrödinger on June 25. He had a long battle with autoimmune stomatitis. For several years we were able to manage it with a regimen of medication and diet, since he wasn't a candidate for full mouth extractions, due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. But this horrible...
  2. mackiemac

    Just For Fun poll: How big do you think Rain will get?

    Well-- Rain is now 7 months old and today she weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces, so ALMOST 7 pounds! This little one is growing up so nicely! I can feel her muscles are coming in, but she's still got that little bit of a lanky adolescent look with long legs and a youthful head! She's also really...
  3. mackiemac

    New HHP show cat (kitten)

    No... I got sick, so we didn't make it there. Maybe next time!
  4. mackiemac

    What ridiculous things do you say to your cat?

    I call Rain silly names like "Prrip" because of the cute little sound that she makes... (the rr is trilled, like a Spanish double R).. She has a regular kitty meow, but she also walks around going "Prrip, prrip"! I call her "Sandpaper" because she LOVES to give me sandpaper kisses! She now...
  5. mackiemac

    New HHP show cat (kitten)

    @GoldyCat Ozark Cat Fanciers in Mesquite, TX on January 18-19 (if I'm over my health glitches, that is!) I wanted to make the Houston show on the 11th for Rain's Agility debut, but that is probably not going to happen! flyer.pdf
  6. mackiemac

    Just For Fun poll: How big do you think Rain will get?

    Rain is now about 5 and a half months old and having another growth spurt. Today she weighs 5 lbs. 6.3 oz. She's a Domestic Medium Hair, so we really have no idea on her genetics! She's growing pretty quickly again. But we have had BIG cats and LITTLE cats, and in-between cats. Who wants to...
  7. mackiemac

    New HHP show cat (kitten)

    Wow! Congratulations! I had planned to show Rain in her first HHP show this weekend, but unfortunately I managed to injure my bad knee again, and then got a respiratory bug so we're waiting until January for her "debut". Rain's "Official" name is Rainfeather. We're fans of the "Warriors" kids'...
  8. mackiemac

    Rain is a TV addict...

    Well... Rain IS almost an adolescent now, at 5 months! 😆
  9. mackiemac

    Rain is a TV addict...

    Well, a YouTube addict! She was getting a little too energetic the other day, and I had work to do. I had been playing with her all morning, and now it was time to do housework. But she was into EVERYTHING when I wasn't giving her my undivided attention. Even her toy mouse wasn't a long enough...
  10. mackiemac

    Minwi is a licker

    Rain licks me, too. We call it "Sandpaper Kisses". She comes up to me, puts her little paws up to my shoulders like a hug and starts licking on my nose, chin and forehead. I do wash my face immediately after she's done, but with her, I'm sure it's affection. She used to nibble and bite, but I...
  11. mackiemac

    What would be the best description of Rain's color?

    Rain is then a solid blue, not smoke. 🙂 I'm much more accustomed to our colorpoints. It's been a very long time since we've had anything BUT colorpoints, so classifying solids and other patterns besides tabbies or tortoiseshells is a bit different for me! Kepler and Kirchen were blue point...
  12. mackiemac

    Is my kitty a Russian Blue?

    Without a confirmed pedigree, the only answer anyone can give you is this: Your cat is a handsome blue (gray) domestic short-haired cat with gorgeous green eyes. 🥰
  13. mackiemac

    What would be the best description of Rain's color?

    Thanks... and from what I've read on CFA, it can sometimes be hard to ascertain in kittens anyway, until the adult coat is in. She just turned 5 calendar months (we think), so she still has a lot of her kitten coat left. Whatever kind of blue she is, it's beautiful. We love all kinds of blue...
  14. mackiemac

    What it is my cat. He does not have papers

    That handsome guy looks to me like he has some Persian/Himalayan (aka colorpoint Persian) in his family tree, and Ragdoll isn't out of the question, either. But having had several registered Himalayans/colorpoint Persians (including one that was ACFA registered as a 'self colored black...
  15. mackiemac

    What would be the best description of Rain's color?

    She is definitely "Blue" (gray)... but is she "Blue something"... other than just solid blue? When her hair lays flat, it looks at first glance like it's just solid blue, but when it parts over a joint, or when I lift it up, it's much lighter underneath. In sunlight, it sort of takes on a light...
  16. mackiemac

    Help my cat is getting more sick

    Hey there, if it is the antibiotics contributing to your kitty's feeling lousy, you might talk to your vet about getting some probiotics, or giving some PLAIN natural Greek yogurt to help replenish the friendly good organisms to the gut, which antibiotics will wipe out If going with yogurt, look...
  17. mackiemac

    6 months old persian severe diarrhea

    I have not seen this mentioned yet, but a small amount of canned PURE pumpkin (no extra spices or other additives or ingredients) added to the food or even fed separately if the cat likes it, can help balance out the stool. Some cats really like the pumpkin, too, and they eat it happily. I say...
  18. mackiemac

    How do we know for sure that the earth is round?

    Because if the earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge. 😁
  19. mackiemac

    Wow... what a difference love and good nutrition have made!

    She is having a lot of fun with it-- we introduced a new task this evening. She is learning about hoops. For her first hoop, I'm using an old bicycle tire. She wasn't so sure when I brought the tire in, but I let her investigate. When she got used to its presence, I thought I'd start off by just...
  20. mackiemac

    Wow... what a difference love and good nutrition have made!

    I was just looking at pictures Rain as she's grown up, especially post illness. Here she was, 2 months ago recovering from a grand slam of Calicivirus, Bartonella, Giardia and Coccidia. We didn't think that she would survive. She looks pretty awful here, the day that we realized that she was...