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  1. dallasstorm

    Dog Lover Attempting To Become A Cat Lover

    Thanks for your suggestion about that and informing me of the site rules. Again, I was not suggestion that to him. However, with the cat that I had to put to sleep after 16 years and Willow who will be 2 soon (knock on wood) has been perfectly fine with my choice. Willow lets me rub on her paws...
  2. dallasstorm

    Newbie With Siamese And Tonkinese

    Some names for your Siamese ...Avalon, Bandit, Elf, Metro, Peace( cause he looks like he is at peace), Prince, Phoenix, Windjammer and Zen. Those are some I came up let me think for the female.....Devanna (means Divine), Ariana, Tia (means joy and gladness) Alize (means The clouds of...
  3. dallasstorm

    Dog Lover Attempting To Become A Cat Lover

    Hello and welcome! I do agree with all of the above as well. Believe it or not cats can be trained. And my fiance was just like you. He would have rather have had a dog in here than a cat. And at first he was dead set on not petting or liking the cat. Didn't want Willow on him or even in bed...
  4. dallasstorm

    Greetings Again From Jenny And Abby And Now Meet Opie!

    Well hello Opie!!! Welcome to TCS!!! You are too cute! Beautiful colors you have!
  5. dallasstorm

    Furst Time Kitty Owner

    What a pretty kitty!! And what a great name! Where did you come up with Oullie? Congratulations on taking in a furbaby and giving her a loving home! Willow and I would like to welcome you to the Catsite. I found this place before I had Willow and I had my then 15 year manx Athena who I sadly had...
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    Comment by 'dallasstorm' in article 'How To Keep Cats Off Counters And Tables'

    They say to praise your cat. So my suggestion is when you are cooking to remove him from the counter and tell him NO firmly and put him where he should be and tell him good kitty and pet him. That is what I was told to do. It may take some time, but as with a kid you have to do it each time and...
  7. dallasstorm

    Introducing Athena!

    Thank you very much. It does suck right now. But I know that she is gone but she will surely never be forgotten. I have her in the Cedar box she came in that has a lock on it and the the black velvet pouch folded just right and in front of it that says Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...
  8. dallasstorm

    HELP!!!! Name this kitten

    Well that would be different. But Ash is cute or Smokey, Sky or Storm just because of his color. He is a beautiful gray kitty. I would love one that color! 
  9. dallasstorm

    Introducing Athena!

    Sad news to give. On 11/21/2016 I had to put Athena to sleep. She had Intestinal Lymphoma and the vet was just giving her Prednisone and B12 to try and make her live longer. Unfortunately her quality of life was not so good. The bad out weighed the good. She was getting sick every day and if not...
  10. dallasstorm

    Side Effects from Depo-Medrol Injection

    I just went through that very same thing with my 16 year old cat Athena. Banfield misdiagnosed her and said she had Kidney Failure. Took her to another vet and he looked at their results and said he would have never told me that. Spent 200.00 for new blood work and this was 11 months later and...
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  12. dallasstorm

    HELP!!!! Name this kitten

    Sorry to me Wally seems like a boring name for such a cute grey kitty that looks like he plays and has fun a lot. Just my opinion. Not trying to offend anyone. 
  13. dallasstorm

    HELP!!!! Name this kitten

    I like Storm or Stormy...because of his color. He is very adorable!
  14. dallasstorm

    Comment by 'dallasstorm' in media 'IMG_3244.PNG'

    I like Storm or Stormy
  15. dallasstorm

    Side Effects from Depo-Medrol Injection

    Sorry have to disagree. First off let me apologize as I know this is a older post, but I randomly came across it. But my Willow is a little over a year old. We first did a ringworm culture test and that came back negative. He said it could be allergies to food or just from outside (even though...
  16. dallasstorm

    Willow would like to say Hi!!

    Thank you very much. Willow has gotten her late night second wind and running crazy right now. LOL
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    ****UPDATE**** Well I know it has been awhile since I have last posted. Things have been crazy around here. I did make a post on the New Cat Thread. Which will give you some idea of the last year of getting another kitty. However, for Athena the biggest update for her has turned out not so...
  18. dallasstorm

    Willow would like to say Hi!!

    Willow just turned 1 yr old on Aug 11th 2016! I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. I did rescue her from a meth heads apartment in which he was getting evicted. And he was coming back for crappy/holey mattresses but was leaving behind the mom, dad 4 baby girls and one little boy. I was able...
  19. Willow would like to say Hi!!

    Willow would like to say Hi!!

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